PS5 Sales Hit 4.5 Million Units in 2020

PS5 Sales Hit 4.5 Million Units in 2020

Matt Lorrigan

Sony has revealed that the PS5 sold 4.5 million units in 2020, as part of its most recent financial reports.

Between the PlayStation 5's launch in November 2020 to the end of Sony's Q3 on 31st December 2020, Sony shipped 4.5 million PS5s, almost all of which will have sold through due to the high demand for the next-gen console. 

This is similar, but slightly higher than the PlayStation 4's launch performance, which saw the the console shift 4.2 million units by the end of 2013. The financial reports also revealed that the PlayStation consoles managed to shift over 100 million units of software between October and December, with first party software contributing to 18.4 million of those units. 

Finally, PlayStation Plus memberships continued to increase, with Sony reporting that PS Plus membership numbers hit 47.4 million by the end of December.

  • With 4 million of those still in scalpers' basement!
  • Yeah, but how many are actually being used?
    Like #1 said, most of them are in some fuckers basement.
  • Playstation 5's and gpu's should be sold in person rather then online from now on to counter bastards buying them in bulk
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