Back 4 Blood Gameplay - 17 Minutes of Retch Guts Ogre Blasting and Left 4 Dead-Style Chaos

Back 4 Blood Gameplay - 17 Minutes of Retch Guts, Ogre Blasting and Left 4 Dead-Style Chaos

Richard Walker

Eleven years have passed since Left 4 Dead 2 came out, and since Valve is seemingly incapable of making anything with a number ‘3’ after it, original L4D developer Turtle Rock has taken the Jockey by the ears, going ahead and doing its own thing. Enter ‘Back 4 Blood’ - the spiritual Left 4 Dead successor we've been waiting for.

Even the title, with its ‘4’ in the middle communicates a clear statement of intent - it's Left 4 Dead in all but name. Do you get the idea yet? Back 4 Blood is like Left 4 Dead and that's a very exciting proposition indeed. Got that? Good.

In Back 4 Blood, you play as a team of four ‘Cleaners’, and as such, it falls to you to eradicate dirty zombies known as the ‘Ridden’, using all manner of weapons, many of which have attachments and mods you can beef them up with. Ridden come in various shapes and sizes, from the common or garden undead horde member, to the colossal Ogre, which likes to pop its head up from beneath the ground now and again, to throw giant exploding pustules at you.

There are other special zombies, of course, like Retches who spit their guts on you, then explode, which then attracts the horde, causing massive chaos; Hackers that like to pin you to the spot with sticky mucus, before vomiting all over you; Snitches that love nothing more than to loudly hiss at you; and predictably, Bruisers who bludgeon you with their huge, overgrown appendage.

Your team of Cleaners also come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, which can be supplemented with a series of perk-granting cards that counteract the ‘Corruption Cards’ dealt to you at the beginning of a round. Most importantly, though, Back 4 Blood plays like the Left 4 Dead 2 sequel we've always wanted. And that in itself is fantastic.

Check out our gameplay video below and see for yourself. Back 4 Blood launches on 22nd June 2021.

  • Made by Turtle Rock?! Yes...Count me in!!!
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