Skater XL Receives Over 250 Community-Created Mods in Latest Update

Skater XL Receives Over 250 Community-Created Mods in Latest Update

Richard Walker

Easy Day Studios has unleashed community created mods in Skater XL, granting access to more than 250 pieces of new mod content, including maps, gear, decks, trucks, wheels, hair colours, tattoos, and skins, with more in the (half)pipeline. Mods in Skater XL are powered by, and available at “the push of a button” across all platforms.

"This is such a huge step towards what we always thought skateboarding games should become - an open, creative platform driven by the community," said Easy Day co-founder Dain Hedgpeth. “It’s been mind blowing seeing the volume and quality of content coming out of the Skater XL ecosystem. Now, players on all platforms will have this ever growing marketplace of maps, skins and fakeskate gear available and built right into the game experience.”

Skater XL now features an integrated cross-platform community mods browser, with an existing backlog of over 7,000 items, with new stuff to be added frequently. New versions of three community maps have also been ported for download, seeing the developer collaborating with the original creators to optimise them. These appear as ‘Optimized by Easy Day’ versions in the browser.

There's the ‘Riverfern’ map created by Taitjames, mashing up real-life skate spots found in Australia; the ‘Quebec Skate Plaza’ made by AlexLaskka, offering a accurate replica of the renowned skate park;, and ‘Applewood Park’ created by ROARTEX89, catering to all skating styles with huge stair sets, hubba ledges, techy manual pads, and more.

New official skate brands have also been added, including Illegal Civ, Uma Landsleds, Cariuma Footwear, MACBALIFE, and Am Grip. All of this is available in Skater XL now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check it out in the 1.1 Update trailer below.

  • It would be cool if there was a map made to help out with around the world. Other than the mountain glitch.
  • @SideQuestShane. Would just be better if they changed that trophy all together. It’s just so ridiculous. All the other trophies can be nabbed in under 2 hours, but that one just kills the platinum.

    At least with access to new maps there’s more to do and you’ll potentially work towards it. But as the game was day one, the trophy is a bit of a joke. The only bearable way is the glitch, but leaving a game running for like 40 hours just for one trophy, when all the others take a few minutes is just silly.
  • A heads up, out of those 250 items, 3 are maps

    I played each map for about 5 mins and it was horrible. Playing on PS4 Pro and the frame rate was all over the place, with full freezes for a few seconds.

    Then the game crashed, upon booting back up he maps were not in my list. Yet if I go the to Mod Browser, it says it’s installed. So I had to uninstall, then restart the game again.

    Eventually I managed to get all three maps installed and working again, but honestly the frame rates on the maps are so terrible at times, they are borderline unplayable.

    I might try it on my PS5 at some point if it’s not patched. But I don’t think it’s going to make much difference
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