PlayStation Plus Collection Could Add More Games Going Forward

PlayStation Plus Collection Could Add More Games Going Forward

Matt Lorrigan

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan hasn't ruled out Sony adding more games to the PS Plus Collection in the future.

The PlayStation Plus Collection is a selection of twenty PS4 titles made available to PS5 owners with a PS Plus subscription, including many high-profile first party and third party games. In an interview with GQ, Ryan was asked whether the PlayStation Plus Collection was a “one and done thing" or if people should expect the collection to be expanded over the PS5's lifespan.

“Well, we're going to wait and see how the world receives the Plus Collection,” Ryan replied. “You know, which games are played how much they're played before we make any decisions about that. We think it's potentially going to be a great user acquisition tool. Arguably if you never had a PS4 and you choose to buy a PS5 you basically get a PS4, right?”

This is perhaps an unexpected response, as the PS Plus collection did appear to be a PS5 launch offer that wouldn't be expanded upon - it wasn't even clear if it would be available for the new console's entire lifespan. However, it does provide some great value to any new PS5 owners, so it's good to see that it appears to be part of Sony's plans for the future.

In another interview with TASS, Ryan was also asked how PlayStation would respond to Xbox Game Pass, and provided another somewhat unexpected answer.

“There is actually news to come, but just not today. We have PlayStation Now which is our subscription service, and that is available in a number of markets,” Ryan said.

It's not much to go on at all, but Ryan has previously said that the Game Pass model wouldn't work for Sony, so this sounds like a little bit of a u-turn.

Are there any PS4 games that you'd like to see come to the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5? Let us know down in the comments.

  • One thing I'm certain of is that all the games from that collection will eventually show up in PS+ for PS4. Just a matter of time.
  • Is there an expiration on this collection? I am definitely going to get a PS5, but perhaps not for a few months. I don't wanna miss out on these free games.
  • Honestly if it doesn't change over time then what's the point of it, as after a couple of years the games will be so old that nobody will care about them anymore. Making it no use to anybody, as most of the newcomers to ps5 will have played them all on ps4
  • @Fragpuss

    I see your point but there will still be plenty of people that may not have tried Persona 5, Ratchet and Clank, Days Gone, Until Dawn, Detroit Become Human and The Last Guardian. By the time they get a PlayStation 5.

    As for them adding new games I would have been shocked if they don't. I feel they might keep it at 20 games but take some out to add the new games which I am totally fine with. As for games I would like to see come to the PlayStation Collection even though I already have these games: DOOM (2016), Wolfenstein The New Order, Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom, Gran Turismo Sport, Tetris Effect, Heavy Rain and now the games I do not own that would be nice additions in my book: Nex Machina, Shadow Warrior 2, Inside, Stranger Things, Crossing Souls, Sword of Ditto and A Plague Tale: Innocence

    The Collection was clearly just a promotion event for newcomers to get a PS5 and have a bunch of good games to play straight away but Sony have little incentive to expand this collection because of PS Now. They'd rather have people subscribe to that service than offer them more games on PS+. Which brings me back to something I've been saying ever since they announced PS5 - PS Plus and PS Now should've been joined into one service! Sony are idiots for not doing this. But I have a feeling that they're starting to wisen up. It's the only way they can match GamePass.
  • Very happy these games can be downloaded to PS4.

    I own a lot of PS4 games, way too many to fit on the 6TB I have on my PS4 Pro. So the PS5’s SSD would be filled in seconds if I stared putting PS4 games onto it. As such, I’ve kept my Pro hooked up and will be using my PS5 solely for PS5 games.
  • @ GizM0 Why on earth would you keep 6TB of games around? You're not playing 90% them. You're not. It's called hoarding and it's a mental illness. Get help before it gets worse.
  • Because I like to play a lot of different games, and I don’t feel like uninstalling, and reinstalling games frequently when my mood changes.

    I don’t really see what the issue is, as a collector, I buy most games. So it’s nice to have a good selection installed, for me, or family and friends to play at any given moment.
  • @Gizm0. Just ignore RRcunt he knows all about mental illnesses. He has quite a few himself. He spends most of his days on here trolling because he has nothing else to do. Just a sad fat loser still living in his parents council house jacking it to anime. Only reason he can afford games is because of the disability benefits he gets for his multiple retardations. Seriously just scroll through articles on here. All he does is insult people because his life is so pathetic he has nothing else to do. What a total loser. I personally think he sucks off whoever is in charge of bans on this site. Because others have been banned for less. Him and dreadnaught both just a bunch of mentally challenged inbreds, who must be noshing off Dan Webb or Richard Walker on a regular basis in order to avoid those bans they give others just for fucking sneezing.
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  • @RRDude_PBB

    It could be and it could also be what I commented where they take games out and add in new games. We don't know exactly so there is no sense saying that like you 100% know for sure. As for SONY combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now why would that be the smart thing? What if I don't always want PlayStation Now or vise versa? Keep in mind if they stuck them together it would cost us more each year. So no it wouldn't be smart.
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