PSA: PlayStation 5 'Rest Mode' Could Be Responsible For Console's Early Issues

PSA: PlayStation 5 'Rest Mode' Could Be Responsible For Console's Early Issues

Richard Walker

It's thought that early issues affecting PlayStation 5 could be down to the console's Rest Mode, including a major storage corruption problem reported by multiple users. For the most part, PS5's launch has been fairly smooth, but a handful of owners have reported various issues.

And these issues all appear to stem from the use of Rest Mode, including a problem involving external storage and frequent reports of games crashing. A number of users on Reddit (via VG247) have experienced crashes and other problems all seemingly originating from having Rest Mode turned on, so it might be an idea to not use it for the time being.

A firmware update for PS5 has recently rolled out, with the vague descriptor stating that it “improves system performance,” so we can't be certain that the issue with Rest Mode has been resolved. The best thing to do for now is to switch off Rest Mode on your PS5 by heading into the console's Settings, heading to ‘Power Saving’, then under ‘Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode’, toggle the option to ‘Don’t Put in Rest Mode'.

PlayStation 5 is out now in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, and rolls out globally on Thursday 19th November.

  • Shame that such a minor feature can result in consoles bricking. I'll avoid using it until it's guaranteed to be fixed.
  • Almost everything about the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles feels completely half baked and unfinished.
  • Didn't get a PS5 on launch. Just enjoying my popcorn, watching all the new owners freaking out. )
  • I am waiting a few months before buying the new console
  • Is this for both rest modes the one when the console is left idle and the shut the machine down (rest mode)?
    I have the idle one always off of the Pro/PS4 anyway but always use the rest mode rather than a complete shut down so i get updates and charge controllers and would still rather do the same on the PS5 come Thursday,

  • This doesn't surprise me, every launch day console runs into problems.
  • Ive had a couple issues so far. My console shut itself down and wouldnt start with the controller. I had to push the button on the console, which needed to be pushed twice because the first time didnt do anything, then the storage had to repair itself.

    A couple hours ago I went to start the PS5 and again, the controller wouldnt work, and I had to push the button on the console twice. When it started it didnt say it had to repair the storage, but it did say it had been updated. I dont know if that had anything to do with it.

    Maybe Ill just start shutting it down completely from now on.
  • Yup this is the reason i never buy a console at launch, your basically a beta tester until they iron out the issues. And have you seen the prices on ebay at the moment? some are selling for a £1000 because of the lack of stock available.
  • Been playing PS5 for nearly a week now and haven't used this feature. Haven't run into any issues whatsoever playing a range of games.
  • Yeah I've also had a ps5 since Thursday and everything is beautiful and smooth.
    I've accidently used rest mode twice. Nothing happened.
    Everyone who is "laughing" at Sony and people who bought one at launch is mispercieving how prevalent the issue really is.
    Maybe I am too, but it seems its a very low percentage of consoles.
  • I agree Profeelgood. Too many sour grapes on here who want to feel a sense of justification and empowerment for missing out on a PS5 and having the ability to say, "I told ya."
  • @plisken1979

    I was willing to take that chance because even if they iron the problems out more can problems can still surface. It was also cheaper for me to get one at launch than it would later on down the line.
  • People already own a PS5? That was the quietest release I've ever experienced.
  • @Cirative yes. I live in New Zealand and was fortunate enough to get a pre-order before they ran out of stock (within 5-15 minutes). I ended up getting the console a day after release so 13 November due to our postal services being really busy!

    Overall the console is awesome - sleek design, quiet as a mouse, load times are incredibly fast compared to PS4, controller is such a step up from DS4 and the new games I have played are really fun (Astro's Playroom, Sackboy and WRC 9). Some of my friends played Bugsnax (free) and Spider-Man and they really like both.
  • I switched over from Xbox so I didn't have any external transfers to do. It seems that the issues were mainly to do with that, while having the console enter rest mode. No harm in playing it safe and avoid rest mode, and external transfers. I've had no issues since day 1. Very happy I switched over. Been a long time many games to catch up on.
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