PS5 Games Can Be Played on PS4 via Remote Play

PS5 Games Can Be Played on PS4 via Remote Play

Matt Lorrigan

PS5 owners will be able to stream content from Sony's next-gen console to a PS4 using Remote Play when it launches later this month.

If you've played your PS4 recently, you might have noticed the sudden appearance of a big “PS5 Remote Play” icon on your home menu. As it turns out, you'll be able to use this to stream content from you PlayStation 5 to your PlayStation 4, if the mood so takes you. You can see it in action down below from VGC's Andy Robinson.

It looks to work in a very similar fashion to the PS Vita's Remote Play, which let you stream PS4 content to your handheld. Oh, speaking of the Vita, you won't be able to use Sony's handheld to stream a PS4 which is streaming PS5 content, just in case you were planning on trying that.

Interestingly, this PS5 Remote Play allows users to play PS5 games using the PS4's DualShock 4 controller. This calls into question why Sony has made the DualShock 4 completely incompatible with next-gen games on PS5 when it clearly can work with a DS4 controller, even in DualSense-heavy games such as Astro's Playroom. It would be useful to be able to grab a spare DualShock 4 for local multiplayer games on PS5, and it clearly works, so Sony's decision comes across as cynical.

You'll be able to try out this PS5 Remote Play functionality for yourselves when the PlayStation 5 launches in US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Zealand on 12th November 2020, before releasing worldwide on 19th November 2020.

  • so we can play ratchet and clank ps5 on ps4 now ? ? they might want to clear up what games are going to be supported.
  • I think "remote play" means you need the device in order to boot up the game, you can't boot a PS5 game through a PS4.
  • If you need a PS5 in the first place to use this feature, why have it to begin with? Why would I want to stream the PS5 to my PS4 if I have e next-gen system itself? This is a textbook definition of a useless feature.
  • My favorite part of getting a new console is playing its games on my old console.
  • So wasting double the electricity... So my thoughts: I have a PS5 and a PS4 that stands next to each other and start both and stream the ps5 games on the ps4. Why the hell? I will sell my ps4 as soon as i get a ps5
  • Could be interesting if there are games with offline co-op trophies. Maybe there's some way you use your ps4 and ps5 controller, instead of needing two from the same console. I'm thinking of the multiplayer trophies for Minecraft. They can be done by yourself if you have two controllers, and one of them if you have three.
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