PS5 Won't Support Expandable SSD Storage at Launch

PS5 Won't Support Expandable SSD Storage at Launch

Matt Lorrigan

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 won't support SSD storage expansion at launch in a statement to The Verge.

Mirroring Mark Cerny's comments earlier this year, Sony has now officially confirmed that support for expandable SSD storage will be coming in a future update, not at launch. During the official PS5 teardown video released last month, we got to see a slot within the PS5 that appears to be capable of fitting the M.2 SSDs that Mark Cerny spoke about during his GDC talk, so the hardware appears to be in place, just waiting for the software update to come in.

Until then, players will have to make to with using expandable HDD storage, transferring games to the PS5's internal SSD to be played.

PlayStation 5 launches on 12th November in the US, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand before releasing worldwide on 19th November - but you won't be able to buy one in person on launch day.

  • Why they even announce it back then? Doesn't make any sense.
  • Have to agree with #1 why release the info when it's not even available to be honest every OS since the PS3 days has always been basic and they improve it over time (well I say improve I think they made PS4 os slower) But I feel it was to counter MS with its expansion storage which I believe is available out of the box
  • #2 yeah. but microsoft backfires themselfes with their over 200$ space extension which is absolutely crazy.
  • @3 PS5 compatible drives are actually more expensive than the Xbox proprietary drive on average
  • This is the same with PS4 launch too. The advertised it with lots of features before launch to get sales, and then at launch the features didn't actually exist. Like Rest Mode during a game and the option to start playing before a game had finished downloading. The last one never really existed. You can generally play the menu of a game until it finishes downloading. Which makes that a pointless feature. I remember downloading MLB 14 and even at 99% I couldn't load a quick play now match as the stadiums hadn't downloaded yet.
  • The added ssd has to keep up with the new drive speed that is already in the console so doesn't matter too much.
  • They've just confirmed that USB save file backups won't be happening either, thus forcing everyone to sign up to PS Plus if they want to backup their saves. Nintendo does the same thing and it's irritating as hell and I believe Microsoft has implemented something similar for the Xbox.
  • @ #7 ... That bums me out big time. I am happy to pay for PS Plus, but I back my files up to BOTH the cloud and USB. I don't want to lose a 250-hour Witcher 3 save because my PS dies AND Sony cloud shits the bed, or my USB does.
  • @7 thats terrible news. I always back up a save on the cloud, than the next save on USB, than on cloud etc. If you can only use the ps plus cloud there is a risk you upload a corrupted save file and you won't have good save file anymore
  • @1 & 2 Because the console has a physical slot for the extra SSD. Sony is shitting the bed with this launch. Once again I'm glad I have the foresight not to buy consoles on launch. I'll wait for the "proper" version, and in black color too.
  • @ #10 ... This is first one I've sat out. I just hope the omission of the USB functionality is not a "business decision" that will persist into future builds of the PS5. That is really kind of a deal-breaker for me -- removing existing functionality to backup saves locally. As I said, I am am a big proponent of PS+ and the value it offers, both in terms of cloud storage and free games, but I will not accept that being the only option for backups.
  • Just another reason to wait.
  • LOL I can understand the frustration with the save states and the USB but how often are you really finding yourself in a position where you were truly saved by your USB drive? If it's any more than 1 than there is something wrong.
  • I assume they are talking about the internal SSD expansion slot here and not including USB SSD's ? The PS4 recognises them?
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