PS5 Won't Be Available In Stores at Launch, Online Orders Only Worldwide

PS5 Won't Be Available In Stores at Launch, Online Orders Only Worldwide

Matt Lorrigan

Sony has confirmed that you won't be able to pick up a PlayStation 5 in retails store on launch day unless you have a pre-order in place.

If you were hoping to wander down to your local shop on PS5 launch day and pick one up, you'll be out of luck. In the interest of safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sony won't have any extra units available to purchase in brick-and-mortar stores on launch day beyond the pre-order allocation worldwide.

"No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online," said the statement from Sony.

Online orders will be functioning as normal, so if you want to make sure you grab a PS5 at launch, you'll need to either pre-order online or arrange a collection at your local retailer. You can find full details on the PlayStation Blog here.

PlayStation 5 launches on 12th November 2020 in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand before releasing worldwide on 19th November 2020.

  • No units are available period, online or off.
  • @ #1 ... Hard to call it a "launch," I agree. I really think dominance in the next generation is going to hinge on ability of Sony and Microsoft to get units into early adopter's hands. If Asia goes into lockdown for COVID again as cold / flu season ramps up, components will get scarce again. Supply could be dodgy for some time, potentially for both systems.
  • Save your money, all PS5 launch titles have PS4 versions. Save up till next year Spring or Summer when there will be PS5 only games like Ratchet.
  • @ #3 ... That is my view as well. I am not buying until there are actual PS5 games developed exclusively for the PS5 available, and they have been patched and bundled with DLCs. Realize that is going to be farther out than Spring or Summer, may be a couple years. But hey, I've got a pretty decent PS4 backlog I need to platinum. Freaking Tetris Effect ... LOL Don't know if I'll ever be good enough to get that one.
  • @4 imagine the dent you couldve made in your ps4 backlog if your time was spent on playing games and not crying constantly everytime you make a post.
  • @3 that's a bit false, since 'Demon's Souls' is a PS5 exclusive, but yes, almost all of these titles will be cross-gen so there really isn't a reason to dive into this day one. I have one pre-ordered but money's tight right now and I'm debating holding off until the middle of next year to get one.
  • @ #5 ... Sigh. Crying about me allegedly crying. Brilliant. I don't have the time or energy to push your shit in as I have done with others indulging in this childish nonsense. But I will say I have plenty of positive posts, if you look around this site, though I don't have much positive to say about this launch, because it offers less value for players than any Sony launch, or perhaps any console launch ever. I think that's a reasonable and fair position. If you disagree, please explain how PS4 games with cosmetic graphical improvements and improved loading times justify the cost of the new console. Don't forget to take into account the fact that they just patched a huge raft of iconic, killer app games on PS4 to make the loading times substantially shorter -- something they could have done at any time prior to the PS5 launch. Also, I'd love to hear your explanation of how a freaking remaster makes sense as your premier launch title, vs. a brand new game experience with the same aesthetics and polish. Don't mistake me. I'm on board for the PS5. Just not now. Just when the value is there with games you can't get anywhere BUT the PS5. Like it should have been at launch. For the record, I'd have been all over this launch if it were like the others. But it is not. Not even close. Anyway, cheers. I am honestly curious to how you can justify this shitshow launch, if you have the balls to even attempt it. Go for it, tiger.
  • As for loading times justifying a new console, here, I'll say yes. Some games on PS4 have annoyingly long ones and I even put a handful on pause because of it in the hopes that I will have a better experience playing them on the PS5. Am not getting one because the launch model doesn't seem attractive to me and I hope for a better iteration somewhere down the line, though. (Acceptable storage size, different case design.)
  • @ #8 ... I think you are really on target with your point about storage in launch consoles vs. future iterations.
  • @ # 8 ... Sorry, lost last half of my comment. I meant to say I agree with you that loading times can be argued effectively as justifying the cost of admission, but I would say not in isolation. In other words, I am not going to invest in a new console to just play PS4 games faster. But something that gives me true next-gen games AND plays PS4 games faster, with better graphics for some ... that's value right there. And as you said, it WILL come at some point. Just not yet, unfortunately. I also hope they tweak the design a bit, also.
  • Oh right, it's coming out soon ... I don't know about you guys, but most of us here have other problems currently (again) than camping in close proximity to other people when it's freaking cold outside. (Also this is the first time I've seen that abomination on its horizontal stand. What's wrong with having a block design? I hope there will be a normal looking (and black) "pro" version out some time.)
  • @ #11 ... I am all for an all-black edition too. White just stains and yellows with age, even if you take care of your stuff. Every Playstation I have looks as clean and shiny and sleek as the day I unboxed them. I usually love Sony designs. From the Playstations to their TVs and cameras to even things like their desktop radio / CD players.
  • @Comment #1 by Evo Kazz I've seen them on eBay and other local marketplaces. I got the call from EB Games Canada for my appointment to pick up my PlayStation 5 and every person gets 10 minutes store time to pick up games and accessories. Mine is 55 minutes after they open my friend's son is the first appointment right as soon as they open because his last name starts with the letter "A" and mine starts with "B" so they are doing it in order by your last name.
  • @6 Demons Souls was a ps3 title. Played it then so I can hold off until there are better launch games.
  • I'm actually laughing at those who think they actually just "have to have it" - I never buy a new console at launch - I always wait for price drops no matter how long it takes - I'm in no rush - especially when it's over 700$ here - that's just insane
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