PS5 DualSense Controller Allows Players to Disable Adaptive Triggers & Haptics

PS5 DualSense Controller Allows Players to Disable Adaptive Triggers & Haptics

Matt Lorrigan

Sony has outlined some of the PS5's accessibility options ahead of launch, including the ability for players to disable the DualSense controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

While the DualSense's new features have been hyped by Sony ahead of the launch of the PS5, many disabled gamers were concerned at problems they could cause, especially with the adaptive triggers offering resistance to being pushed in some games. In a new blog post called "Empowering All Abilities of Gamers" Sony has now confirmed that players will be able to turn these features off.

PS5 will also offer a voice dictation feature, allowing players to input text through the DualSense's built-in mic. A console-level Screen Reader will allow blind and visually impaired players to hear on-screen text, and players can also type out text messages in voice chat to be read aloud to the party. Button Assignment and Closed Captions setting return from PS4, while PS5 will feature a new colour correction option to allow users to adjust colour.

These are all essential features to allow a wide community of disabled gamers to have the best possible experience with PlayStation, so it's great to see Sony improving in this area, and we hope to see it continue once the PlayStation 5 has launched in November.

  • The voice dictation feature is much needed. Assuming it actually works and is fast / responsive. It would not take much to be faster than my snail's pace of "typing" via the controller. I am very glad the haptics can be disabled. At least that is one issue that Sony is listening to feedback about.
  • I will turn those options off first day. Don't like the rumbling function in the ps4 controller also...distracts me.
  • @2 i turn off rumble as well. ill try it out though to see what its like first
  • Nice to know they can be toggled off/on! I would much rather have had two back buttons to set as I wished instead of haptic feedback.
  • I'm glad to hear this. It will all fall into whether the battery life and charge speed is good enough to leave it on or if I don't like it in a game it is nice to know that you can shut it off.
  • ""... will allow blind and visually impaired Players..." i guess a lot of blind People will buy a 500euro ps5 as a blueray Player or use is as a browser.
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