PS5 Records a Video of the Moment You Earn a Trophy

PS5 Records a Video of the Moment You Earn a Trophy

Matt Lorrigan

The PlayStation 5 will automatically record footage of the moment you earn a new trophy in PS5 games.

We learned of this new feature courtesy of Kinda Funny, and you can see it in action in their video down below. When unlocking a bronze trophy in PS5 game Astro's Playroom, the PlayStation 5 records a brief video of the moments leading up to, and after, earning a trophy. This is complete with a little graphic with the trophy name and type, and it's looks like a very cool feature. It's obviously not all that impressive in this one instance of finding a collectible, but imagine having the last few moments of an epic boss fight captured just as the trophy pops. Lovely stuff.

It's a step up from the screenshots that the PS4 captured, which could often miss the pivotal moment and instead capture a blank loading screen. As explained in Greg Miller's video below, the console does also capture a screenshot as well. Much like trophy screenshots on PS4, we imagine this auto-recording functionality can be turned off on PS5. 

It's a very cool feature for sure, and we hope it's customisable. I'd like the option to set the console to record only for Gold and Platinum trophies, for instance, or make it easy to delete unwanted trophy videos so they don't take up too much space on the SSD. It's also not clear if this will work with PS4 games played on PS5, or if this will be exclusive to native PS5 games.

We can't wait to see it for ourselves when the PS5 launches on 12th November 2020 in US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, before launching worldwide on 19th November 2020.

  • Great, more Hard Drive hogging crap that most people will turn off if given the chance.
  • Sooo, AstroBot has trophies.
  • @2 Playroom had trophies, playroom vr had trophies. So why this one shouldn’t have trophies?
  • @3 never played them :)
  • @ #1 ... Would be nice if you could program WHICH trophies (i.e., platinums only, and turn off for the rest). Think I wouldn't mind having a record to play back of the tougher ones.
  • @5 Yeah, that's what I'm hoping too, a nice little video of the moment you earn a Platinum trophy would be lovely but I don't necessarily want one for every little bronze
  • @ #6 et al. ... I confess I have retained some "black screen" screenshots of some platinums. I remember having my mom take film photographs of beaten game ending screens and sending them in to Nintendo Power to see if they would include my name in the list of game completions they'd publish every month. Never happened (my name appearing in the magazine), but I still have some of the old magazines with the lists ...
  • Think i would only use this feature for hard trophies/platinums i achieved.
  • Would be cool if we could see the percentage of how much have earned it. So a 0,1% platinum video would look really cool.
  • Neat idea, but I have a feeling I'm going to regularly purge most of them. There have been quite a few times where I forget that I can save recordings on the PS4, and wish I would have captured some moments, so I think this would help with some of that. I still wish I had gotten the footage of the first time I beat Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne.
  • @ #11 ... I wish I had footage of beating some of those bastards from the Chalice Dungeons. Pthumerian Descendant, headless asshole, and that damn dog ... I think it took me around 50 attempts before I finally beat the Descendant.
  • Since pictures don't take much space I don't think I've ever purged my trophy screenshots folder. Videos take up a whole lot more space, so I hope there's a way to quickly delete a lot of these videos or just disable the feature. The only time I record some gameplay is when a funny glitch occurs to me.
  • Cool feature. Especially usefull for the rare occasions that a game has a unknown hidden trophy or a regular trophy for which requirements are unkown. If you accidentally earned it but don't know what you did to earn it you can watch the video and share it with others. This doesn't happen often but it does happen for some games!
  • As long as you can override it, I'm not fussed. Fifa on the Xbox is the worst when all it ever does is record clips.
  • It’s a neat idea. Much better than the pictures as they never captured the right moment. Always after the fact. However this does give me some concern as the system is basically recording you constantly and will just save a short portion of that recording for you. Can’t help feeling a bit like big brother watching over my shoulder while playing.
  • @15 I mean, that's already happening. On PS4 the default for recordings is the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay from the last time you hit the share button (with certain games or apps blocking recording). So rather than the player hitting share and save clip, this just auto saves a clip beginning X amount of time before trophy pops.
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