PS5's New PlayStation App is Rolling Out Now on Mobile

PS5's New PlayStation App is Rolling Out Now on Mobile

Matt Lorrigan

Sony is rolling out a new PlayStation App for iOS and Android ahead of the launch of PS5 next month.

The new PS App features a brand new design to bring players a smoother experience, including a built-in PlayStation Store and the ability to manage your full PS4 and PS5 library on the go. There is also built in voice chat and parties, allowing players to jump into voice chat with others on mobile or on console. Of course, we've also got those all-important trophy lists built in as well, with the new ability to reveal hidden trophy information.

The app also contains some new features exclusively for PS5. Using the app, players will be able to remotely launch games on the console, and you can manage storage space on your PS5 through the app if you don't have enough space to download a game remotely. You can also quickly sign in to PS5 straight from the PS App.

Even the news section, which we thought would be fairly useless, actually pulls directly from the PlayStation Blog, one of Sony's most useful resources for PlayStation news. We're sure many people will be able to find problems with the new app over time, but as a general proof of concept ahead of the PS5 launch, it's rather nice.

You can see more of its features in the video down below, or check it out in person as the update rolls out on mobile.

  • Why? Is there truly a demand to launch games remotely on your PS5?
  • @ #1 ... Some of the features are nice (like the news hotlink and access to trophies), but I agree that the remote management features are pretty pointless.
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