Monster Hunter Movie Gets an Explosive First Trailer

Monster Hunter Movie Gets an Explosive First Trailer

Matt Lorrigan

The Monster Hunter movie has its very first trailer, and if we're honest, it looks better than it has any right to.

The film stars Milla Jovovich as Captain Artemis, whose military unit gets sucked into the world of Monster Hunter via a supernatural sandstorm. Faced with the new threat of huge and powerful monsters, the soldiers must team up with a mysterious Hunter, played by Tony Jaa, in order to return home.

It isn't the story we would have expected from a Monster Hunter movie, but from the trailer, it seems like it might still be an entertaining romp, even if it isn't the greatest film ever made. You can check out the brand new trailer for yourself down below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

If you'd like to get your hands on some Monster Hunter goodness right now, Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • I think this movie was written and produced by people that have never played the game. I mean, they have to come up with some sort of a story, because the overall story and theme of Monster Hunter = "Golden Age of Whaling" simulator, where you hunt down dangerous and majestic creatures for their parts. I'm not judging ... that is just not going to resonate with normie audiences. But the idea of "people from our world sucked into a video game world" is just terrible and intellectually bankrupt, and is basically the best people who have never played the game nor understand the universe can come up with. Seeing rifles and LAW missile launchers and humvees and wisecracking soldiers in a Monster Hunter context makes my skin crawl. It would have not been that hard to come up with a compelling story, with compelling characters, set in the Monster Hunter universe if they had bothered to involve people who understand the series.
  • @1 "people from our world sucked into a video game world" Isekai in a nutshell!!!!
  • It would have been better if we got to see what it's like growing up and living in the harsh MH world with the resources they have to work with rather than just being transported into it from another dimension with modded gear.
  • Honestly, I don't get the appeal of Monster Hunter's actual story. I tried World in its beta and I fucking hated it. You get sent out to kill supposedly destructive creatures, but really they're just munching on trees or grass, or protecting their babies. It was like a fucking "be a dick to animals" simulator.
  • @ #2 ... I hear you. Yeah, didn't mean to say that is a bad plotline on an absolute basis. I just meant that when you artificially insert that kind of narrative into a preexisting narrative that is set in a coherent universe, it is problematic. @ #4 ... I agree, partially, but #3 gets its. It is about survival in harsh world at the cost of these creatures -- some of which are not threats -- and it becomes about profit and power, literally. That dichotomy is where a compelling story could come from by a person who is invested in the brand, because it resonates with universal truths from real life ... that much of what we enjoy comes from the exploitation of the natural world. But instead, they just drag out Paul W.S. Anderson again, film in a desert and green screen, and repurpose all the existing miltary-esque for a half-assed script written by somebody who read about Monster Hunter on Wikipedia. Hell, there's better MH fan fic out there than the garbage in that trailer.
  • Any one else seeing Milla Jovovich and a Capcom movie franchise that has nothing to do with the source material and getting Resident Evil vibes with this project?
  • Nooo! T.I!! Get outta there homie!
  • @6 It's the same director butchering another game franchise.
  • I honest dont care if the story match the game as long im entertained, and i f-ing love Milla Jovovich so bring it
  • I can't say much about it being a movie based on a game. But for someone who has never played (any of the) the game(s) yet, as a consumer for movies I kinda dig the trailer. I'll be gladly to see this on the cinema given the chance... Milla looks at home in her role here. For me she's perfect. It's like a... "so I'm no longer part of the RE movies? Then FU I've got this fam!" LOL... I'm with #9 here...
  • Who can honestly say they played Monster Hunter for the story? I think that would be a small minority of players. I couldn't care less if the movie follows the game or not. This movie has everything I would expect from a Monster Hunter movie. Giant monsters from the game, check. Large scale fight scenes, check. A bad ass Milla Jovovich in the lead role kicking butt along the way, check. And throw in a bonus cameo from T.I. that I wasn't expecting and I'm sold. Sounds like entertainment to me.
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