Digital Extremes' Sheldon Carter Talks All Things The Darkness II

Dan Webb

You'd have thought after all The Darkness II coverage we've brought you recently - you know, with the hands-off first impressions from GDC and the hands-on preview from PAX East - that we'd probably be sick of the sight of it by now. Wrong. I mean, where would a couple of previews be without an interview? Nowhere, that's where...

We caught up with Digital Extremes' Sheldon Carter recently, Project Manager on the Darkness II, to delve deeper into the fall 2011 game. We ask Carter how the two games will differ from one another, what they tried to bring forward from the original, what we can expect as their main focus and goals with the sequel and we even try to coerce him into telling us about the multiplayer - i.e. did they cut the piece of crap yet?  And by coerce, we obviously mean, politely ask... Spoiler: He was more tight lipped than your everyday politician on that subject.

Speaking of spoilers... if you've not played the original, don't watch this here interview. In fact, if you've not played it, why the hell not? Go play it now and come back... It's okay, we can wait for you...

The rest of you... tuck in while it's hot!

  • I love how you can use the darkness in public places now.
  • yay
  • no trailer?
  • when is this out?autumn???
  • Absolutely loved the first game! So much so that I re-bought the game later on down the line for the 360 so I could get achievements for playing the game, ha ha ha. I'm glad to hear the same voice actors for Jackie and the darkness itself is back. But I hope the story is as good. The story was really what hooked me on the first one.
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