Final Fantasy XVI Announced As a PlayStation Console Exclusive

Final Fantasy XVI Announced As a PlayStation Console Exclusive

Richard Walker

Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy XVI, the next entry in its storied RPG series and the first mainline entry since 2016's Final Fantasy XV. Unlike the previous game, however, Final Fantasy XVI will be a PlayStation console exclusive when it launches.

A single-player adventure sticking with real-time combat, Final Fantasy XVI looks to be even more hack and slash action-focused than its predecessor, with a more grounded medieval-style, boasting blood, intrigue, and more than a bit of drama involving Joshua, who we assume is the game's protagonist.

"The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough," the game's tagline boasts in the debut 'Awakening' trailer, available to view below. Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to PlayStation 5, but a date has yet to be confirmed. Expect to hear more in 2021.

  • Looks great! Hopefully Square Enix has their crap together and we don't wait have to wait five years.
  • Can't wait for it in 6 years. PC for me after the awful console version of FF7R.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @2, what issues did you have with FFVIIR? I found it to run incredibly smooth.
  • Nooo, that combat System :(
  • @4 it was 30fps so it was nowhere near smooth, dynamic resolution and had texture memory issues 98% of the time, which is why the game became a technological meme. "PS1 original textures"
  • LOL some folks won't be happy with the ATB. I'm really pleased they seem to have carried on with the Nova Crystallis universe. I hope this would just be one whole package and no DLCs... like for once put everything in the game on release please! As for Shiva, looks like a toned down version of what has been a traditionally scantly clad character. Had they revised her because of political correctness?
  • This looks awesome! I'm impressed they managed to keep it quiet for so long. I only first heard rumours of it a day or two ago. @2, I don't know what issues you had with FFVII but I didn't run in to any at all. Game worked fine for me and looked amazing.
  • I haven't played an FF game since X and a lot has changed since then. Having said that, this video announcement was really cool and has me interested.
  • At least it looks better than 15 ever did, which I knew would be the worst one yet (IMO, of course) since the first moment I laid eyes on it. Ironically, that first chapter made me believe that I had been wrong because it was really on point. But no. And while this trailer looked alright apart from the very medieval setting (which seems more "fantastical England" than e.g. Final Fantasy 4 and I dislike that for multiple reasons), my faith in the FF-main titles is completely gone at this point. Long story short: Really want it to be good, but it's gonna have a lot to answer for/prove before I consider it more than a "not touching it before it gets on XGamePass".
  • didn't like it!
  • havent seen better FF games since FF13's 1st part.a
  • looks like a super generic, early PS4 random JRPg. Style over substance that`s all it is. Square Enix really lost it. First the disappointing PS3 game called FF7 "Remake" and now this. Nothing new to see here hahahaha. They should get on their knees and beg Sagakuchi for forgiveness. They either have money issues, no more talents left or simply both.
  • FF7 Remake haters made me lol.
  • I cant play these new FF the combat system is terrible :( reason why i didnt complete ffXV...
  • Looks good and better than Cruising with the backstreet boys last game.
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