The Invincible is a First-Person Sci-Fi Thriller From Ex-CD Projekt Developers for PS5

The Invincible is a First-Person Sci-Fi Thriller From Ex-CD Projekt Developers for PS5

Matt Lorrigan

Polish studio Starward Industries has announced their first game, The Invincible, a new first-person sci-fi thriller coming to PlayStation 5.

The team at Starward Industries has some excellent pedigree among their ranks, with veteran developers from CD Projekt, Bloober Team and Techland joining forces. The Invincible is based on the influential 1964 sci-fi novel of the same name from author Stanislaw Lem, so it's a good thing these developers know how to make a good video game adaptation of a Polish novel, isn't it?

The Invincible sees you playing as a scientist on a life-or-death rescue mission on a hostile alien planet. The game's setting is described as "retro-future atompunk", with advanced analogue technology that will be familiar to fans of the Alien franchise, and will feature a non-linear story that is shaped by your choices and relationships.

We've not got a trailer yet, just a video teasing some of the music in the game, but the screenshots look absolutely gorgeous, and you can check those out down below.

The Invincible with launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

  • Never heard of the author before. But i dont think there should be a question mark in his name. Is that a typo? Game looks like it has promise.
  • @1 Ah good shout with the author's name, he has a special character in his name and it looks like the website didn't like it, I'll sort it now
  • I am intrigued. I really like the retro-futuristic aesthetic. I would have loved to see these these sweeping planetscapes in 3rd person and to be able to see your character, but I understand directorial decision to view the world through a helmet, given the setting and scenario. I am going to have to check out the book. A new translation was published this year.
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