DiRT 5s Playgrounds Mode Enables You to Build the Track of Your Fevered Dreams - Preview

DiRT 5's Playgrounds Mode Enables You to Build the Track of Your Fevered Dreams - Preview

Richard Walker

When DiRT 5 launches this October, it'll include the sprawling Playgrounds mode, a vast selection of tools that will enable you to design, create and share tracks and arenas. Featuring ramps, kickers, curves, tunnels, loop de loops, rings of fire, and more, the only limit will be your fevered imagination.

Following on from DiRT 4's 'Your Stage' track generator, Playgrounds gives you total freedom to build whatever you like (rather than randomly generating a stage), starting with a blank canvas inside South Africa's Cape Town Stadium or across the vast, open space of the Arizona Desert. It's then down to you what to create.

You can make your own trick-filled Gymkhana course, a four-wheeled hide and seek score attack in Smash Attack, or you can create a high-speed dash between checkpoint gates in Gate Crasher mode. When your insane creation is ready, you can use photo mode to snap a thumbnail, then share it with the world.

Players can then download your custom Playground and post their best scores to the leaderboards. Custom tracks and arenas will be easy to find via the Discover menu, with Featured entries highlighting and curating the best creations the community has to offer. Or, you can opt for a random Lucky Dip, if you fancy.

Give our Playgrounds gameplay below a watch for a closer look at DiRT 5's powerful creation tools, then prepare to bring your own tracks and arenas to life when DiRT 5 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 16th October, before coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later in the year (with a free next-gen upgrade option).

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