Metro Exodus & Insurgency Developers Acquired by THQ Nordic Parent Company

Metro Exodus & Insurgency Developers Acquired by THQ Nordic Parent Company

Ben Borthwick

Embracer Group, the current name for the company that includes the THQ Nordic group of companies, has today announced that it has acquired a bunch of new studios, including developers of the Metro series 4A Games and Insurgency: Sandstorm developers New World Interactive. 

Announcing the acquisitions earlier today, the studios will be operate independently under the firm's existing labels, which include both studios working under their Saber Interactive arm who Embracer aquired in a $525 million deal earlier this year

The deal for Metro Studio 4A Games specifically is said to be worth around $36 million as per the announcement, and 4A Games' CEO Dean Sharpe said on the move: "Embracer Group and Saber Interactive are the perfect partners for 4A Games and for our next phase of growth. Together we will continue to build on the Metro franchise and will focus on bringing a multiplayer experience to our fanbase. We look forward to building a new and even more ambitious AAA IP in the near future."

Insurgency Sandstorm, meanwhile, is currently awaiting a new console release date, having originally been planned to launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month until it suffered a delay, with a potential next-gen version also being considered

  • ThQ Nordic has So many IPs now. Hurry up and remake timesplitters or at the very least give us timesplitters 4
  • THQ Nordic is like the Thanos of game developers
  • How the hell are they bankrolling all this? They went under and filed bankruptcy. Now all the sudden they can afford to buy all these studios and IP's?
  • @Comment #3 by Wolfwood This is not the original THQ. The original studio bought from auction a lot of THQ's IPs for dirt cheap and they've just snowballed from that. They also do a lot of quick remasters and put the games out at a more consumer friendly price. Kingdoms of Amalur will only be $40 They also acquired 6 other studios as well.
  • @3: MAXTHUNDER99 is correct, this isn't the same company. The original THQ are dead and buried but their IPs were bought at auction by a Scandinavian company who then rebranded themselves to THQ Nordic.
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