A Beyond Good & Evil Feature Film is Coming to Netflix

A Beyond Good & Evil Feature Film is Coming to Netflix

Richard Walker

Not content to be solely collaborating on a Splinter Cell anime series, Ubisoft and Netflix have also joined forces to adapt Beyond Good & Evil into a feature film based upon the "epic space pirate adventure". The description makes us think that the movie will tie in with Beyond Good & Evil 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Detective Pikachu and Goosebumps director Rob Letterman is attached as helmer, with the project said to be a hybrid of live-action performances and animation. The Beyond Good & Evil film will take place during the 25th century on a remote mining planet.

Plucky photojournalist Jade will be the movie's protagonist, as she joins an underground resistance against the military rulers who are supposed to defend the people, but may be in cahoots with alien invaders. The Beyond Good & Evil film is currently in early development, with a search for writers currently underway.

Does the Netflix movie mean that Beyond Good & Evil 2 might be getting closer? We're not going to hold our breath.

  • Great to see new articles on the weekend :)
  • Ubisoft logic: People want a Scott Pilgrim port...give them a Netflex movie of a game we won't update them on
  • @2 I'm pretty certain the lack of a Scott Pilgrim port comes down to licensing issues.
  • @2 More like where the hell is BGE 2?
  • Getting a movie before the rumored and promised second game. Sad.
  • Great. Another franchise ruined by Netflix.
  • @7 how can you call it a franchise if it has only one game lol.
  • What blows my mind is that BG&E2 has been in development since PS3 days. That's over 10 years. They completely missed an entire console generation and they're still nowhere near to even announcing a release date!
  • @7 Ever seen Castlevania?
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