A Splinter Cell Anime is in the Works at Netflix

A Splinter Cell Anime is in the Works at Netflix

Ben Borthwick

An anime based on the world of the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series appears to be underway at Netflix.

According to a report from Hollywood publication Variety, their sources claim that the project has already been greenlit for sixteen episodes across two seasons and will see Ubisoft and Netflix teaming up with Derek Kolstad, who is best known for writing the John Wick series of movies. There's no word yet on if the series will adapt the stories of the games or if it'll be a whole new tale set in the stealth series' universe or indeed any word at casting at the current time. The news was later seemingly confirmed by one of the official Netflix Twitter accounts, who retweeted the story asking fans if they were "ready for the next level of action?" 

It is of course far from the first foray into videogame anime for Netflix, with their very successful anime based on Konami's Castlevania series recently getting greenlit for a fourth season. The last we heard on Splinter Cell was Sam Fisher's Italian voice actor claiming that the series "will return, this is a fact" a couple of weeks ago.

[via Variety]


  • This is not a game I was expecting to get an anime adaptation, just seems so out of left field. Not immediately saying it'll be bad because of that though, I'll reserve judgement until it's actually out. If they ever decide to make an anime based on something like PUBG, Fortnite, or any other battle royale, then I'll say it's bad immediately, there's literally zero plot to work with.
  • De 5ta.
  • I mean....Can't be the worst idea(not like Dragon's Dogma Anime) Splinter Cell can easily be a terrorist of the week style story.
  • Does that mean someone's gonna kill Sam Fisher's puppy?
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