Star Wars Battlefront II & Call of Duty: WWII are June's PS Plus Games

Star Wars Battlefront II & Call of Duty: WWII are June's PS Plus Games

Matt Lorrigan

Sony has unveiled that Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII will be June's PlayStation Plus games.

Call of Duty: WWII went live earlier this week as part of Memorial Day in the United States, while Battlefront II will become available on 2nd June.

Both games actually released within a week of each other back in 2017, with Star Wars Battlefront II still receiving regular content updates until last month, with The Battle on Scarif proving to be the final major addition.

There is still time to add last month's decidely less violent lineup of Farming Simulator 19 and Cities: Skylines to your lineup, so make sure to do that soon if you haven't already.

  • Great month for those who haven't already played these.
  • Really?
  • @2 Yes really.
  • @3 Nah, these "games" fucking suck.
  • Pass. I'm not a COD fan (haven't been for years) and the heavy online focus of BF2 is a huge turn off for a Single Player fan like myself so I'll be skipping both of these and sticking to my backlog.
  • What's with the 2 sim games we got last month and the 2 FPS's we get this month? I see a crappy trend developing. Are we getting 2 racing games next month?
  • Re-purchased BF2 a couple of weeks back while it's on sale, oof. I'll take a big pass on Zombies garbage so nothing for me this month.
  • @5 BF2 has a singleplayer campaign now. It isn't lengthy, maybe 6-7 hours, but it's a decent campaign to bridge the gap between the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy.
  • Yeah, I agree with everyone else. I hate free games! I wish they would stop giving free games every month.
  • @9 I wish they'd just make online free again and then only those who wish to pay for a service would sign up.
  • @10 There are plenty of games that don't require a PS+ subscription.
  • Like I posted a few days ago, as long as it's not the same genre...and now teo months in a row, same genre. On top of that SWBF2 was that game with all the flack about when it came out about pay to win. Even I'd they fixed it, why choose 2 same genre?
  • I really wish the Battlefront II online trophies weren't so horrible. Platinum-ing Battlefront I was a horrible experience that I nearly gave up on, and I am all but sworn off online trophy games now forever.
  • Loot boxes the month
  • Got WWII day one and never finished the campaign! That's why i bought it. Was never good at FPS games. I do want to check Battlefront, though.
  • Every month I look forward to seeing what games are available and every month I'm left disappointed
  • @11 and plenty that do. Those games are held hostage by this terrible practice.
  • @Comment #6 by Jeevz I'd be fine with 2 racing games. GRID or Project Cars 2 and say All Star Fruit Racing.
  • Ps plus is so garbage this gen.
  • I’m quite sure that no matter what games there will be on ps+ Even some A+++ one month old title, there will be someone bitching and crying that they will stop ps+ subscription. I haven’t got game what I wanted on ps+ for months, yet I don’t feel need to cry about it every month. My only complaint is that it’s another month with both games from same genre. BFII is solid game with a lot of content. Not great about platinum with a lot of hours, some skill and luck needed.
  • Things pointless to complain about when it comes to PS+: 1. You already played that game. 2. You don't like that game genre. 3. You think that game sucks even though it's a best-selling AAA title. 4. You didn't get that one game you were desperately waiting for. In general Sony has been giving away really good games for the past few months. People have become so spoiled it's pathetic. If you want to pick what to play subscribe to PS Now or buy something on endless PS Store sales.
  • i love it when the monthly games are announced so i can see the whinging on the forums. Don't like this free game or that free game. You guys are the best lol do you moan if someone offers you a snack you dont like or just say no thanks and move on. and before you gripe about the fee you are paying that is for online play, its for online play not the free bonus games.
  • @RRDude_PBB Honestly, I wish they'd throw in a short PSN game like they used to back in the PS3 days. Played some interesting games now and again that way. I wonder if when the PS5 comes out, we'll still get a couple PS4 games, and one PSN game again?
  • They give away free indie games, you complained that they are a joke, not worth it. They give away AAA games, you complained that they are to generic, not worth it. Gamers truly are a bunch of entitle dumb fuck.
  • as a plus member since day one, the games on offer are really good compared to last month. people are never gonna be satisfied it seems, but we have 2 really great titles this month. i for one am happy with the games we are being given.
  • @25 That is subjective. Some people like farming simulators and city builders. Problem is that 2 from the same group.
  • Next month will be Fifa 17 and Fifa 18. All kidding aside I'm like most people on here - disappointed that it's two similar styled games. I get that I'm not going to come out on top every month. When they announced CoD WW2 my first thought was "lame", only because I have zero interested in those types of games. But if you are a fan of them (and obviously many many people are) then I hope you haven't played it already and can make the most of it. But it's when they announce the second game that's another heavily online focused shooter that I get disappointed. I don't really play racing games, but if the second game had been one then I would have had the same thought as with CoD WW2 - that June's line up is just bad luck for me, but is going to please other gamers. I like games like survival horror, but don't think it would be a good idea for next month to be two survival horror games. Please Sony, don't do two sports games or racing games or RPGs next month, please mix it up a little more.
  • What a bad month. Please give us indie games! When it's triple AAA games people already have them or have zero interest in them. At least with indie titles you have the potential to find a fantastic game that you otherwise might of skipped
  • @13 they're all easy. The one hard trophy was changed and with the co op mode it shorted the grind by a long long time. Plus there's regular xp events
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