PlayStation Store Spring Sale Updated With Even More Games

PlayStation Store Spring Sale Updated With Even More Games

Richard Walker

A whole stack of new titles have been added to the PlayStation Store Spring Sale, offering up to 50% off (60% off in Europe) the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man, Rainbow Six Siege, ARK: Survival Evolved, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy.

The PS Store Spring Sale kicked off on 1st April, with dozens of discounts to take advantage of until the sale draws to a close in a couple of weeks. As well as new games added to the sale, there's also a smattering of DLC, including bits and bobs for War Thunder, The Sims 4, Hunt Showdown, Skyforge, and more.

Head to the EU PlayStation Blog here for all of the added discounts available from today. Hit the links to be diverted to your region and pick up a bargain while you still can. The PS Store Spring Sale runs until 29th April, although select games will leave the promotion early, so get on it!

  • I hate how Sony adds new games to an already existing sale then just mixes them in with everything else currently on sale. Can they put a tab that says "New" or something?
  • I'm still waiting for the aladdin/lion king game to have a sale
  • #1 - I so agree. I stop looking at sales like this after the first week.
  • @1, 3 Agreed. I don't want to look through the list of all of the games that I already looked over. It would also be nice to filter out games you already own from the sale.
  • @1 you're looking for Sony to properly organize something on the store? Are you insane?
  • @Comment #5 by Yowza I stopped saying it like a decade ago because people would be all up in arms about it. This isn't the only thing I hate about the PSN store. I hate that they call them "Game Deals" and then have avatars, themes and dlc. The old PSN layout (which I liked better) would have those separated into there own folder sorta speak.Also not bashing anyone here but you need to have the PlayStation blog site bookmarked and they'll tell you about new stuff and deals. Of course this site has actually been doing a pretty good job about informing us on the changes or directing us to the proper site.
  • guys just use this website: it keeps track of everything thats on sale and youll know which ones are the new ones
  • @7 Some prices on that site I saw cheaper. I know for a fact that I bought Destiny 2: Forsaken a few weeks ago when it was 18 while the site it says it was 23.
  • @6 oh, I could go on and on about all the crappy designs in the PS Store. Like, for instance, if you search Deals and organize them by lowest to highest price, they use the ORIGINAL price, not the sale price, which is the one you're paying. They also insist on using "The" as the first word alphabetically which every other institution in the world recognizes as stupid.
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