The Last of Us Part II is Delayed, But At Least We've Got New Screenshots

The Last of Us Part II is Delayed, But At Least We've Got New Screenshots

Richard Walker

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to The Last of Us Part II being delayed indefinitely (and Marvel's Iron Man VR, too), Naughty Dog has released a set of new screenshots, showing more of what you'll be missing for the next few months. The game had previously been on course for a late May release.

In the new images, you can get a closer look at a weathered and greying Joel sitting down to play a few licks on his acoustic guitar, and grown-up Ellie exploring the overgrown expanses of post-apocalyptic USA by horseback. You can also see Ellie struggling against an assailant armed with a pointy thing.

Among the 14 new screens -- all embedded below for your simple scrolling pleasure -- there's new characters, pretty environments to ogle, and well, it's all too much to take. The wait is going to be agonising. Still, there are bigger things to worry about right now. Check out the screens below.

The Last of Us Part II is hopefully still on course for release later this year for PlayStation 4.

  • Genuinely looking forward to playing the enhanced edition on PS5
  • #1 Yeah, up until yesterday I had this pre ordered, just gonna wait for the PS5 version now, probably do the same with Cyberpunk aswell.
  • Looking good Naughty Dog. Can't wait to play it.
  • I have this sinking feeling that it'll end up launching around the same time as Ghost of Tsushima. If it does, it might dive bomb GoT's sales, and I very much want GoT to perform really well.
  • My pre order was cancelled on Amazon by them and the listing was taken down but I feel I will maybe wait for the ps5 console and game bundle after a year. And I agree I think they should really keep it far apart from GoT sales
  • Is that Hideo Kojima in the last picture? If so, he truly is everywhere :-)
  • More pictures is a good thing? Now I want to play the game even more.
  • @6 lol, you white people really can't tell Asians apart, huh?
  • @8 yeah, dude look like he came from the Power Rangers, he looks nothing like Kojima. Maybe #6 was just joking around.
  • @2 What if PS5 gets delayed for another 6 months?
  • @8, i'm not white, lol.
  • @Comment #10 by kmarsu What if it's a year? 6 months isn't that big of a deal to wait for the better version. Of course you better avoid reviews, videos and other things that could ruin the game for yourself. Unless you don't care. I myself will be getting both versions of The Last of Us Part II because Naughty Dog deserves it.
  • @6 Its Liu Kang Im not even looking forward to this game. What I don't need is a bunch of sappy scenes showing how desperate the situation is and how they're all coping in their own ways. That isn't fun gameplay. I want to go out and search for shit to kill the bad guys with and then I want to kill the bad guys with that shit. I liked the first game enough. But only the very first time I played it. After that, it's boring.
  • #8 Imagine if I started a comment with "you black people", the pc brigade would be calling for me to be shot. Of course we all know racism only works one way.
  • @10 There's a good chance now that PS5 won't launch this year. Given the current delays due to the corona virus as well as the uncertain economic situation it might not be a good idea to launch if there is 10-20% unemployment.
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