Sony Announces Ape Escape For PlayStation Move

Richard Walker

If ever there was a franchise made for the PlayStation Move controller, Ape Escape is it. Leading the way with its twin analogue control system back in the day on PlayStation one, Ape Escape is set to return with a range of chimp-catching gadgets made for Move.

Using the motion controller, you'll have a big net to swing in order to bag the raving mad siren helmet-wearing space chimps, as well as a crazy banana zapper, a powerful smasher and more mental gadgets.

Check out the trailer and first screens below, and then look out for Ape Escape for PlayStation Move in June 2011, complete with mini-games and a host of other goodies.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

  • Ooooh i want this! :D
  • Might be fun
  • Been wanting a new ape escape for quite a while now!
  • I don't really have a deep desire to catch digital apes.
  • @3 i hear ya
  • Why the Move controller? Why can't we play it like the old Ape Escape games on the PS1 and 2?
  • Techno Buu i never played the old ones but i think the designed for move and it aint exactly a sequel to the old ones... who knows maybe it aint move required .... one way or another it s a move game so the price will be lower than other games :D Hope this game ll live up the series hype i ve been dying to try it out :p
  • I bought a Move explicitly for this game. I am seriously pumped about this. @#6: Ape Escape 4 is already in the works, though details on it are scarce.
  • THIS IS GREAT! And what about Million Monkeys?
  • I'm so hipster, I've already played the demo on the Japanese PSN. You've probably never seen it anyways.
  • Nice very excited. I bought a Move for Dead Space Extraction especially but it's paid off for other titles I already owned as well. Enjoying my Move I must say!
  • @10 Now I might venture into the JP PSN and try finding it, and give up after 20 mins. @6 Move is fun, and they're bound to make games you like requiring it. So, if you want a game that comes out for it, you should maybe just get it!
  • Good i had ape escape academy for the psp and had fun with the mini games there this is a good idea
  • Why is everyone so excited? This is not an adventure game like the previous Ape Escape games. Its just a bunch of crappy PS Move mini games that are somewhat (but not really) related to the Ape Escape series.
  • @#14: Consider the following inequality... Something > Nothing Ergo... Some Ape Escape > No Ape Escape
  • Yes the demo has been out awhile (and the game since December) in JP, I just wonder if it will be stackable...if so I should just import JP ver now instead of waiting
  • Also it is rumored there will be a real Ape Escape title (AE 4) in development other than this, I'd guess to be announced within a year after this releases in NA
  • That actually looks kind of poor, but then I guess its going to be very much a kids targetted game. But i'll probably rent it anyway as I have the move and other than sports champions it sees no love
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