Shadow Man Remastered is a Thing That is Happening

Shadow Man Remastered is a Thing That is Happening

Richard Walker

Nightdive Studios has announced Shadow Man Remastered, an enhanced edition of the 1999 action adventure games due to release for PC and consoles, in a partnership with comic book label Valiant Entertainment. Originally released by Acclaim over 20 years ago for PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, and PC, the game is considered a 'lost classic'.

Starring the eponymous supernatural hero and protector of humanity, Shadow Man will have you battling demons from the Deadside who have spilled out into our world. Shadow Man Remastered will use the same KEX Engine that has been used to remaster the likes of Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, DOOM 64, and System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

Shadow Man Remastered will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC with 4K and HDR support, dynamic shadow mapping and per-pixel lighting, anti-aliasing and post-processing effects, higher density particle effects, and refined gameplay, art, audio, and assets. No date has been scheduled for Shadow Man Remastered as yet, but a new Shadow Man comic book is coming in May 2020.

  • How nice! I thought about this game recently and remembered how cool it was. I'm keeping my eyes on this for sure. I played it on PC. :)
  • Remember playing this on N64. Had some issues with frame rate and fog as I recall (as with virtually every Acclaim game that was based on the Turok engine), but I really enjoyed it. One of the creepiest games of the era. I loved the setting and the atmosphere. There was some genuinely disturbing plotlines, particularly the plotline with Shadowman's little brother ... shook me to core at the time. I'd love to play this again.
  • Holy shit, this will be nostalgia city for me. I don't think I ever came close to beating it as a kid but I remember being so engrossed by it. Can't wait.
  • A game I've thought about recently that I would love to see return is Hexen from the Sega Genesis. It could definitely find an audience with players that enjoyed titles like Blasphemous, Salt & Sanctuary, etc.
  • @ ## ... It was a long game as I recall. Beat it but took me a good while.
  •'s already on PC from Nightdive Studios, Steam has had it for a while.
  • @6: I had no idea... Thank you! :)
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