New Alice: Madness Returns Screens Are Deliciously Dark

Richard Walker

Alice: Madness Returns is shaping up to be a proper treat with its uniquely warped vision of Wonderland, transforming its cast of characters and environments into horrifying twisted creations, that'll likely give you nightmares. It's a good job Alice can grow to gargantuan proportions and stomp baddies then.

Five new screenshots have come out of GDC 2011, showing an enticing glimpse of the enemies you'll face off against with your big carving knife and other weapons (a hobby horse for instance), all inspired by Lewis Carroll's surreal literature. So, expect to see the Queen of Hearts and her army of playing cards, that big caterpillar fella, the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee among others. Some may be friends, some may be foes, but you'll soon find out which is which as you progress further down the rabbit hole.

Check out the new screens in the gallery and give the GDC 2011 trailer another watch, or watch it for the first time if you haven't already. American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns is due to release in June 2011.

  • game looks good, but only time will tell
  • She reminds me of the Alice character from Persona, but without the blonde hair. I like the look a lot. Who's the developer?
  • I smell a good game!
  • This looks interesting. Why have I never heard of the prequel to this? What platform is it on?
  • This actually looks really good, anxious to see what it's like
  • Man, this looks creepy. But good!
  • @4 It was a PC game back in 2000. Its quite a long time to wait for a sequel.
  • If it's half as good as the first one, it'll be awsome.
  • Can't wait
  • i gttin this game defo
  • omg i cant wait the first game was bad a**. cant wait to get my hands on this one.looks amazing
  • Ayone else see this and think Darksiders?
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