House Flipper Moves In On PS4 Next Week

House Flipper Moves In On PS4 Next Week

Matt Lorrigan

House Flipper, the home renovation game that's become a hit on Steam, is announced to be coming to consoles next week.

Taking players through the process of doing up a house, from buying to renovating and then selling on, House Flipper gives you a collection of tools and and parts to repair the crumbling shells of homes you've picked up on the cheap. Once the structural stuff is in order, you'll be able to let loose your interior interior designer, with hundreds of items to choose from. Will you go for industrial or minimalism, or maybe something more bohemian? It's up to you.

House Flipper arrives on PlayStation 4 on 25th February 2020. You can check out the console release date trailer down below!

[via VideoGamer]

  • Cool, but I'll be waiting for a sale before picking this up.
  • Yes, Finally
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