Star Wars Battlefront 2 Set to Bring Back Rogue One's Scarif Map

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Set to Bring Back Rogue One's Scarif Map

Richard Walker

EA and DICE have released a new patch for Star Wars Battlefront II today, finally adding BB-8 and his evil First Order counterpart BB-9E as new Heroes, alongside the return of the Scarif map that was originally released as free DLC for the previous Star Wars Battlefront to tie in with the release of Rogue One.

BB-8 will fulfil an offensive character role (or should that be roll?) with Rolling Charge and Shock Prod abilities, as well as a Cable Spin that whips enemies in the vicinity, and a Resistance Backing ability that reveals enemies on the mini-map while corrupting their radars. BB-9E shares the Shock Prod ability with BB-8, but has a Smoke Screen and a Charge Up mode that reduces blaster heat and ability charge times for nearby allies. With these abilities, BB-9E has more of a support role.

Both BB-8 and BB-9E also have their own selection of passive abilities and Star Cards, just like the rest of Star Wars Battlefront II's roster of heroes and villains. February will also see Battlefront II return to the Original Trilogy and the Age of Rebellion with certain planets available for Co-Op and Capital Supremacy, which will simply be known as Supremacy. Luke, Leia, Darth Vader and others will all be playable in both Co-Op and Supremacy.

With Age of Rebellion focused on ground-based combat, Scarif will be making a return to coincide with Supremacy ,ode, alongside the Era Select feature. As well as the impending return of Scarif later this month and the addition of BB-8 and BB-9E, the latest patch also brings with it a whole litany of 'quality-of-life' changes to boot. You can check out the full Reddit post with the complete patch notes here.

Age of Rebellion will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront II soon.

  • When I look at the news for this game -- and the trophy list -- I am eternally grateful that I never put it into my PS4.
  • @1 trophies are incredibly easy I wish they would add more . And the game is improving constantly with all the free updates can’t complain at all great game.
  • @2 I wouldnt say incredible easy, but they are doable tbh. The grinding is tedious but the games is fun now and that makes it more bearable. I like the current status of the game :)
  • @ #2 and #3 -- After grinding out ATST trample kills and Hero Hunt in Battlefront 1, I guess I've got not stomach for it that kind of MP trophy fun. Enjoy BB-8! Such an AWESOME choice for a hero!
  • @2 Not exactly easy but and very grindy. Getting to rank 50 was the worst one. Luckily there are frequent XP boost events. @4 Lightweight. It only took me about 2 hours to get the ATST trample kills. Git good.
  • I wonder if we will get Cal from fallen order
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