GRID Season 2 Adds Red Bull Ring & Six New Supercars

GRID Season 2 Adds Red Bull Ring & Six New Supercars

Matt Lorrigan

GRID Season Two kicks off next month, bringing Austria's iconic Red Bull Ring to the game, along with a selection of sumptuous supercars.

The cars coming to the game are the Ferrari FXX, the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro, the Brabham BT62, the Pagani Zona Revolución, the Ford GT Heritage Edition and the Ferrari 599XX Evo. If you know what those combinations of words, letters and numbers are, then you're sure to be excited to get into the driving seat when these drop. The Ford GT Heritage Edition and Ferrari 599XX Evo will be free for all players, while the other four cars will be available to those who purchase Season Two.

The Red Bull Ring has been recreated in excellent detail, and will be available for all players in Career mode, Free Play and Multiplayer.

"Austria’s Red Bull Ring has been a staple of world motorsport championships for 50 years. With its relatively unchanged layout since 1996, the track is renowned for creating dramatic racing, with huge braking zones and overtaking opportunities galore."

Season 2 also expands Career Mode once again, with 33 extra events added to make use of the new content, including two new threads, new Showdown events and the latest Ravenwest Motorsport challenge.

GRID is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • The faster the car the better so I can get this hideous grind finished. And why would I buy these shit seasons when they're just 33 more meaningless races? The first GRID was great (or maybe I just have fond memories) but every single one since has been disappointing. The latest is boring and does nothing interesting. The first race is exactly the same as the last, team mates mean nothing, and the customization is bare bones.
  • @Comment #1 by Yowza - I'm buying them because it gives me more to play and earn miles with, instead of having to grind so much
  • Yeah, but if you're done and just trying to get the Platinum, it's much quicker to grind 99 laps in Indy. I understand that it's repetitive and sucky, but the whole game is kinda like that.
  • @1 and @2, it's a disgusting grind. I have only been doing increments of 50-60 miles at Indy lately, because this crap is just sickening. I even took a 3 day break from the road to nowhere. Did a 51-lapper yesterday and just turned off the game in disgust. 'At wits end' by Dream Theater should be on my stereo on loop every time i grind this shit. Such an appropriate title. Fuck Codemasters and fuck Gri(n)d. Sick motherfuckers.
  • People complaining about the grind for GRID. Go play Gran Turismo Sport and grind to level 50. I've driven 78,666 miles which is over 3 times the circumference of the earth and I'm only level 32 and obviously each level you go up the more points you'll need.
  • I definitely agree that the grind will suck no matter what. Doing the seasons will get me to Level 99 faster, and it's just more miles outside the death loop
  • Can’t be as bad as a grind as GT Sport surely?
  • @5, who WOULDN'T complain? Maybe non-trophy hunters that race online everyday on this. I'm at level 42 in GT Sport and feel you on that, but i won't try for 50 unless i get the wins and pole position trophies. That grind is pretty bad. Luckily i was able to use the pit glitch for a good amount. Wish someone could find another XP glitch on that, lol.
  • @8 Yeah i’m so glad i was playing the game whilst the pit stop xp glitch was possible. Even doing it that took me like over 50 hours. God knows how long it would take now.
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