GRID To Get Career Race Length Options in Season Two Update

GRID To Get Career Race Length Options in Season Two Update

Ben Borthwick

Codmasters has announced a much requested feature coming to racing sim GRID in the upcoming Season Two update - the ability to change the length of races in Career Mode.

Posting via Twitter and on the game's official forums, the studio revealed that after the update, you'll be able to go into the Options>Gameplay>Difficulty menu and adjust the length from the default x1 to x2, x3, x4 or x5 - making races up to five times as many laps long as usual. The multiplier applies per race, so using the example given, a three-race championship with each race three laps long will result in a three-race long championship with each race lasting fifteen laps with the x5 multiplier applied.

There's no specific date yet for the Season Two update, but Codemasters promise it's "right around the corner" so expect an announcement soon. In the meantime, a free trial for the game is now available via the PlayStation Store. GRID is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia - check out our review of the game here.

  • The only thing I was unhappy with is that stupid 'drive the circumference of earth' trophy
  • @1 Indeed. I've just stopped playing, not worth it. I'll just accept the 91%
  • @2, i thought the same, and wanted to be in the top 50, but i'll just deal with it. I think i'm close. Maybe i'm not even! The mileage trophy in GT6 wasn't terrible, due to the way larger oval track. Wish we had a track like that in this.
  • I've never heard anyone say they wanted this. The only thing I've personally seen people ask for is a mileage tracker (which should be a basic commodity, especially with all the other crap they track and ESPECIALLY with that stupid "drive 24,901 miles" trophy") or just make that one trophy a lower amount of miles. I'd take a straight track that was 24,000 miles long, though.
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