Battleborn to be Shut Down by January 2021

Battleborn to be Shut Down by January 2021

Ben Borthwick

Hero shooter Battleborn has entered the process of shutting down, developer Gearbox and publisher 2K have formally announced, giving existing players just shy of a year to get their affairs in order before servers are closed in January 2021.

Making the announcement via Twitter and an updated article on the 2K Support Website, the game has already been removed from digital storefronts as the game is sunset to "focus our efforts and resources on other projects." The game's virtual currency - Platinum - will no longer be available for purchase after February 24, 2020, though you'll still be able to earn it and spend it in game for a little while longer. The game will remain playable for all existing players until January 2021 at which point the servers will be shut down, and 2K say that the game will become unplayable "in any way" whether it be offline or online after that point.

In the announcement, developer Gearbox said they were "extremely proud of the work that went into the game, and want to extend our deep appreciation to all the fans for their support." The game had struggled since launch, being overshadowed by Blizzard's own hero shooter Overwatch. Gearbox stopped updating Battleborn in 2017, and the studio were kind enough to talk to us about where they went wrong with the game in a video interview in the run up to Borderlands 3.    

  • Extremely Proud?! Piss off. Alot of people say there's to many full of holes and major flops on Battleborn and I agree 100%. I haven't even bought the game not even once. Gearbox and 2K go look in the mirror you pigs.
  • @1: Battleborn is a good game and a lot of fun but thanks to the bot mode they patched in, you can get the Platinum and 100% without ever going into the public servers :). You can pick this up for less than £2 if you know where to look and is well worth it at that price. I've got nearly 500hrs logged in this game and I don't for one second, regret buying it :).
  • they should release a small patch to make it playable offline after the server go out even offline with bots is better than nuking the game from the face of the planet
  • @3: Unfortunately it's not as simple as that, because Gearbox would have to recode the entire game to enable offline play but it's not going to happen - because the game tanked hard so no-one is going to put any resources into a patch to make it happen :(.
  • So with the latest update, you can now platinum the game with bots without having to go online with randoms? Are some trophies easier to boost with players then with bots?
  • I'd like someone to explain why I would want to pay real money for a game that can shut down at any time. Gaming as a Service (GAAS) sucks. I will never buy anything without an offline mode.
  • @5: Correct but you will need to find some friends for certain trophies, else you will be at the mercy of RNG and the fact some of the lore challenges are a pain even with bots (plus, one of Kelvin's lore challenges is bugged in Bot Match so needs real people to make it complete correctly).
  • Worst game I bought on the ps4
  • @2 Think what you want Terminator. But a game like Battleborn deserves to be in the trash bin with everything else. A Platinum like Battleborn isn't worth it. End of story.
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