Terminator: Resistance Gets Launch Trailer & Prequel Comics

Terminator: Resistance Gets Launch Trailer & Prequel Comics

Matt Lorrigan

Terminator: Resistance has a brand new lauch trailer, and Dark Horse Comics are releasing two digital comics expanding the story of the game.

The digital comic books, Terminator: Resistance Zero Day Exploit Part 1 & Part 2, will be bundled with the physical launch edition of the game. These comics will expand upon the events of the game, and currently will be exclusive for those who bought the launch editions. The new trailer shows off first-person gameplay taking place during the Future War, with lots of shooting at the iconic skeletal Terminators. 

Terminator: Resistance will release on 15th November in Europe, 22nd November in Australia and 10th December in North America. The game will be avilable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • Why does it say "Officially licensed Terminator and Terminator 2"? Why not the other Terminator movies?
  • @1: There's something about the chassis design of the original T-800 Terminator from the first two films that is different from the other Arnie's from T3 and onwards. This is more of a bid of authenticity for fans of the franchise. OT: I'm genuinely surprised this game doesn't appear to be a garbage at the moment. I might pick it up at some point.
  • Patiently waiting until @Terminator from this site chimes in.....
  • I want nothing to do with this garbage, because it comes from a notoriously bad developer and is a tie-in for one of the top 5 biggest box office bombs in history. It also doesn't help that they want £50 for a 5hr game that has zero replay value. I would love a remaster of Future Shock or even the T2 Arcade game, because both of those are classics that I adored when I was little. Even Terminator: Redemption on the original Xbox wasn't bad and had some entertainment value.
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