Terminator: Resistance Shows off Ten Minutes of Opening Gameplay Footage

Terminator: Resistance Shows off Ten Minutes of Opening Gameplay Footage

Ben Borthwick

Reef Entertainment has released a couple of new trailers over the weekend for upcoming shooter Terminator: Resistance, due for release on PlayStation 4 next week.

Alongside the expected gameplay trailer, the other video shows off the entire opening ten minutes of the game from the 2014 Rambo: The Video Game developers. Naturally, it shows a lot of post-apocalyptic robot-shooting action and - maybe not as expected - a gentle introduction to some of the choice-consequence mechanics as you help a woman and her little brother escape Skynet's killing machines.

You can check out both trailers below. Terminator: Resistance is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Europe on the 15th November, with a US release on the 10th December.

  • reminds me of killzone for some reason Just seen this is retailing for £50.00 seems way too optimistic
  • £50 ?! O_o well we will have to way for this one to drop im sure its not worth not even near this price
  • That gunholding xD The animation when he is walking is so aweful. And no recoil. Respect to everyone who can hold a gun like that when he is firing...
  • Regardless the poor mechanics this might be an easy platinum and hopefully we gets to fight a T-800 as final boss...
  • To all people exited about this game: It is made by Teyton, they made some ‘gems’ like Heavy Fire and Rambo game. All on rail shooters. Sure trailers looks wonderful compare to that atrocious Rambo’s but it’s still might be just next on rail shooter.
  • @5: Correct. The combination of a notoriously incompetent developer + a film that's shaping up to be one of top 5 biggest box office bombs in history, means this game will crash and burn at launch so expect it to be on deep sale within 3 months.
  • Terminator: Hot Garbage Resistance.
  • @6 you’re called terminator and arnt excited for a new film? Not a fan! I liked avp-r and that’s a terrible film xD
  • @Comment #6 by Terminator It will certainly not be the top 5 bombed movies in history because there are more than 5 movies that have grossed less than it cost to make and I'm sure the movie will gross more than the budget.
  • @8: I skipped T5 and T6, because they are terrible films, plus the Terminator should never have been a franchise in the first place. The first 2 films are undisputable classics but the subsequent sequels from T3 onwards, vary from interesting takes on the material, to outright terrible and unwatchable. @9: To make money, a film has to gross twice its budget ($180 million + $100+ million advertising busget) - which T6 hasn't got a hope in hell of doing, especially since it bombed outright in China (despite being made with some Chinese money) and is doing dismal business everywhere else. Watch these videos for additional info on why T6 doesn't stand a chance at breaking even: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AIxyux7Xfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdtRelP8hT4 Depending on how things go, this will end up losing either slightly more or slightly less than the $115 million that Dark Phoenix lost earlier on in the year. Since T6's budget was split 4 ways (30% from Paramount (who got sole the distribution rights for the US), 30% from 20th Century Fox/Disney (who got majority distribution rights for the international markets), 30% from Skybound Entertainment and 10% from Tencent, who also got exclusive distribution rights for China) there will be a lot of red ink to go around when all's said and done.
  • Addendum: Just to clarify, The $180 million + $100+ million advertising budget is what T6 cost to make when all the production, distribution, Advertising fees and other costs are tallied.
  • If it is stable, has no collectibles and 1/10 the time it takes to play killzone, i will get it. May be a fun platinum.
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