1666: Amsterdam Really Sounds Like it's Going to be Patrice Desilets' Next Game

1666: Amsterdam Really Sounds Like it's Going to be Patrice Desilets' Next Game

Richard Walker

As Patrice Désilets' studio Panache Digital Games prepares to release evolutionary ape game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey on consoles this December, it really sounds like 1666: Amsterdam is going to be the developer's next project. Especially since Désilets went through hell to wrangle the IP from former employer, Ubisoft.

When asked by Eurogamer how serious he was about revisiting 1666: Amsterdam - last seen as a project that Désilets had in the pipeline with THQ Montreal - the Assassin's Creed creator proved adamant that he will be making the game in the future. "I almost lost my house over it," he said during a talk at Develop Red in Canada, pausing as the audience laughed. "I'm not joking," he added.

"I want to do a game about the Devil. I hate horror movies, I hate the subject matter for some reason, so it's a challenge for me," Désilets continued. " I love Amsterdam, I like the fact there was a year called 1666, and I want to do it. I want to do it."

This isn't the first time that Désilets has expressed his desire to return to 1666: Amsterdam, a game that's been a stalled passion project for the developer since its inception back in 2014. Earlier this year, Désilets revealed that he'd be able to utilise the toolbox he's built for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey for 1666: Amsterdam, and would be keen to finally make the game. The advantage in making the game now, however, is that it won't be existing in the shadow of Assassin's Creed.

"But what's great is it's not the game after Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood any more, it's the game after Ancestors," said Désilets. "It's not the game made with THQ Montreal, it's the game from Panache. We found our DNA a bit, our signature - I won't help you much. There's going to be narrative and it's going to be about the Devil - that's the subject matter.

"I'm back at it. I'm about to post something, it will be nice. Plus, I fought for it. I fought for it - no you won't have my game - and I got it back. I sold it to myself, which is weird - I had it personally but I had to sell it to Panache," he went on. "But yeah. I'm really serious about making that game."

1666: Amsterdam might end up being a comparatively modest project to what was originally intended, with Panache a relatively small studio comprising 35 people, but there's no doubt that Désilets really wants to fully realise an ambitious game more than five years in the making. Here's hoping we see more of 1666: Amsterdam soon.

  • Yes please!! :D
  • Is this the prequel to The Order: 1886?
  • @2: Nope, it's an entirely unrelated game from an unrelated developer.
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