Terminator: Resistance is the New Shooter From the Makers of the Rambo Game

Terminator: Resistance is the New Shooter From the Makers of the Rambo Game

Richard Walker

Terminator: Resistance is a thing that is happening later this year. A single-player first-person shooter set 31 years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Resistance is the next game from Teyon and Reef Entertainment, the union that previously birthed the abhorrent Rambo video game in 2014.

Shooting your way through post-apocalyptic Los Angeles as Resistance soldier Jacob Rivers, you'll do everything you can to avoid being terminated, as you're marked as the latest target by SKYNET. You'll need to smash SKYNET's Defence Grid and ultimately help decide the fate of mankind.

Old machines like the T-800 will feature alongside new machines within the Terminator universe, as well as various plasma weaponry with which to fight back. You'll be able to sneak and hack or run and gun, salvaging scrap to trade or use for crafting, and you'll also be able to level up Jacob's skills.

Terminator: Resistance will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 15th November 2019 in Europe and Australia, with the North American release to follow on 3rd December 2019. Will it be as bad as Rambo: The Video Game? Only time will tell. Hasta la vista, and all that.

  • interested. looking to buy the apparently terrible terminator salvation just for the great trophies involved
  • The game should release with Terminator Dark Fate on November 1st would be better.
  • The Terminator 2 "future war" sequence has always captured my imagination. The skeletal T-800s and the airborne war machines vs. the rebels, and everybody with 80s "pew pew" plasma guns, and the minimalist, apocalyptic environment. Definitely hear the "pew pew" from the movie in this trailer!
  • Day 1 purchase
  • Oh GOD NO. "From the makers of the RAMBO: VIDEO GAME". That game was so horrible and it was a rail shooter.
  • Hard Pass. After the train wreck that was their Rambo game, I'm avoiding this like the plague.
  • Trash.
  • If the plat is as easy as Teminator Salvation ppl will eat this up regardless of how bad it is
  • let's hope they have no glitched trophies this time around and that they fix em too. cos they never did with rambo.
  • They never mentioned if it will be on rails shooter like this horrible Rambo game... But I’m guessing that it’s one too, so I’m not interested at all. At least humans looks kind off like a humans this time in the trailer, lol
  • It's possible the studio have learnt after the terrible Rambo game.... time will tell, it won't be a day 1 purchase for me but i expect it will drop in price quickly and potentially be grabbed dirt cheap by us trophy hunters if it's not a glitched mess.... my hopes aren't exactly high though
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