Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III Are September's PS Plus Games

Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III Are September's PS Plus Games

Richard Walker

September's PlayStation Plus games have been announced, and they're a couple of absolute peaches. From next week, you'll be able to download The Dark Knight's swansong in Batman: Arkham Knight and Fury's crack of the whip as the third Horseman of the Apocalypse in Darksiders III.

The third mainline entry in Rocksteady's Batman Arkham series (discounting WB Montreal's Arkham Origins), Batman: Arkham Knight added the Batmobile to the equation in a sprawling Gotham City overrun with villains. You can read our Batman: Arkham Knight review here.

Another third entry, Darksiders III sees the flame-haired Fury taking up her razor-edged whip to a legion of demons, as she takes on the Seven Deadly Sins using her elemental Hollows powers. It's another rather good third-person action affair, well worth checking out. Read our Darksiders III review here.

Both Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III will be available to download for PS4 via PlayStation Plus from 3rd September, meaning you still have a few days to grab August's PS Plus titles, WipEOut Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4.

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  • Two games I've been interested in but never got around to picking up. GREAT month.
  • Arkham Knight is amazing, getting 100% was a really fun challenge. I love the darksider games so getting number 3 is also great.
  • Never played any Darksider games, i'm looking forward to playing 3 though
  • What a great month! Excited
  • Had Arkham Knight since launch, it's a great game but I already have it so I don't care for it and I heard they changed Darksiders 3 considerably from Darksiders 2 and the difficulty is comparable to Dark Souls and Bloodbourne and that's why I didn't get Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, so if that's the case I'll give that a miss too
  • I bet there are people who will still complain about this month games
  • Holy crap sony listened.....2 AAa games n ones considerably new hot damn...tho im sure some will still bitch i think this is finally a solid month ..right when i gotta renrw and my birthday to boot
  • @5 it really isnt too bad.... I beat it on hardest difficulty before they patched it, it is however a good game in my opinion maybe try it on normal first? Plus I believe the patched it so you can play classic like the other ones or the harder version if you like
  • I already own both these games, one of which I got just a few weeks a go. Why can't they announce the ps plus games a lot earlier. It's annoying when you pay for a game just for it to become free a while later
  • @5: "Gunfire Games has rolled out a new Darksiders III patch for PC, which is due to come to PS4 and Xbox soon, adding a new 'Classic' combat option. This should address criticisms from certain circles that the new Darksiders game doesn't play much like the previous two entries in the series. The Classic combat mode "should feel more like previous Darksiders titles allowing Fury to dodge interrupt her attacks as well use items instantly," the developer states. Upon starting a new game or loading a save, you'll be able to choose between the original 'Default' mode or 'Classic', and change this setting at any time during gameplay. Whether you play Darksiders III in Classic or Default mode, it'll have no effect on the game's difficulty level or achievements."
  • exelent month but sadly i got both :/
  • @8 & 10 I might give it a try then because I did actually enjoy the previous 2 Darksiders games
  • Great month for those who haven't played these yet. Might be more than one month's worth of material.
  • Great month. Darksiders 3 in particular is really cool as well, pretty decent recent game, and unlike Batman it isnt on PS Now or Games Pass which is a bonus.
  • I am trying to sell two copies of Arkham knight... sigh. October I will post it for sale again, i guess. :(
  • Yeesh...bought both full retail on my One and have never approached beating them.
  • Great month. Fun fact: All three Rocksteady Batman Arkham games and all three Darksiders have been given away on PS+ over the years.
  • Arkham Knight. My favourite PS4 game!
  • @17 What that means is to wait on a Rocksteady game & if any new Darksiders comes out, wait for it on PS+.
  • @9 That happened to me with the Division 2 year pass. Soon as I got it, DC outskirts stuff was made available 4 all.
  • I actually hated AK. Still have it,still hate it! Maybe because I wasn't good at it or the Challenges. It's been awhile. Maybe I should go back and try to Plat it.
  • @21 Wow. It was amazing! It got overwhelmingly positive reviews too.
  • First game I haven't owned, or didn't want to play, in a year of PS+
  • I've been waiting for Darksiders III to get down to $19.99CAD until I purchased it but I guess the wait is over.
  • @19 This is true for many games. I'm sure we'll see God of War, Spider-man and Days Gone on PS+ at some point.
  • Bought Arkham Knight long ago in a sale. Never came to playing it yet... Darksiders III wasn't in my collection yet though and certainly something I want(ed) to play and plat :)
  • A very good month. Now there is no excuse for anyone that hasn't played Arkham Knight before, to finally give it try. Great game. I found Darksiders 2 when it was on PS plus enjoyable enough, so Darksiders 3 has me interested.
  • Yeaaa i was about to buy Darksiders 3 lol
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