RAGE 2 is Getting Ironman Mode, New Game +, and Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty Next Week

RAGE 2 is Getting Ironman Mode, New Game +, and Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty Next Week

Richard Walker

RAGE 2 will be lavished with another update next week, presenting you with an array of new options that inject some bonus replay value. If the simple act of showing the business end of a shotgun to a horde of goons and mutants wasn't quite enough, then you can look forward to Ironman Mode, Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty, or New Game +.

This second major update for the game will be a significant one, as upon completing RAGE 2, there wasn't a huge amount of stuff to do afterwards. Update 2 remedies that, and should help tide you over before the upcoming Rise of the Ghosts expansion drops at an as yet unspecified time.

Various fixes and "quality of life improvements" are also on the way in the patch, including an added flashlight, the ability to skip Ark tutorials, and more. You can get the skinny in the tweet and short teaser video put out by the official RAGE 2 Twitter account below.

RAGE 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and you can check out our written review here and video-based verdict below. Update 2 will be arriving for RAGE 2 on 25th July.

  • Don’t have the game but cool features
  • Please no trophies related to new game plus, I pray to thee oh God of Trophies!
  • Why was this not included in the retail launch of the game?
  • #3 What would have been the point? No one would have been playing NG+ at launch.
  • @ #4 ... The point is quite obvious. It dovetails with point made by #2. These "new options that inject some bonus replay value" like difficulty, NG+, etc. require no substantial development time. There is zero reason that they could not have been available at launch. This content was, I suspect, intentionally withheld to artificially expand it's life cycle and buzz ("Look dumb gamers! We are giving you something you were owed to begin with FOR FREE"). The game has been out over two months. Early adopters who finished the game already and have moved on should not have to return to it, especially to get trophies to maintain 100% -- just because of what is in essence a scummy business practice. That is the gist of #2's point, I think. In before "but but but they are a good developer and they're giving stuff to the fans blah blah blah blah blah."
  • @5 Look who's on his period again.
  • Ironman is finishing the whole game without single death on highest difficulty. Mein Leben welcome. :-)
  • @5 sometimes I agree with you, sometimes you are right but maaaaaan I feel sorry for you. This might not be the case but you always seem upset? ......you ok Hun?
  • Any news as to whether these updates will have new trophies associated with them?
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