Darksiders 3 'Keepers of the Void' DLC Now Available

Darksiders 3 'Keepers of the Void' DLC Now Available

Richard Walker

THQ and Gunfire Games have today released the new 'Keepers of the Void' DLC for Darksiders III, in which Vulgrim The Demon Merchant has a new quest for you and a selection of new items to purchase in exchange for the requisite amount of souls.

Battle an ancient threat and bust out Fury's Hollow skills to solve puzzles, defeat any and all enemies in your path, and you could ultimately earn The Abyssal Armour. That means voyaging deep into the Serpent Holes to tackle said ancient threat, where you can also unlock a new weapon from the Hollows.

With the legendary Abyssal Armour and a new weapon to earn should you successfuly beat the challenges that lay before you, Darksiders III Keepers of the Void is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, priced $12.99/£10.99/€12.99. Check out the launch trailer below.

  • They also released the season pass today and it's priced at 15 Euros.
  • Jesus this is expensive dlc.
  • @3 THQ Nordic or whatever they call themselves these days are a complete money grab of a company. They're to SP what EA are to MP. I get SP has a shorter life span than MP (for some games anyway) and this means they need to be clever with continuous SP income, but these guys suck the life out of everything. I think they've released and re-released Darksiders 2 in about 4-5 different packages now. And the one time they actually build this they f**k it right up.
  • @TehMagicDwarf (#1) The Season Pass was released LONG ago. I bought it a few months ago.
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