The New Call of Duty is Reportedly Called... Modern Warfare

The New Call of Duty is Reportedly Called... Modern Warfare

Richard Walker

Reports are doing the rounds that the next Call of Duty has a name, and it's 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'. No numerical suffix, no flashy twist on the title like 'Infinite Warfare' or whatever; it's just plain old Modern Warfare. Like clockwork, it's your annual Call of Duty leak. Again.

Jason Schreier of Kotaku confirmed that the title is indeed accurate, and is furthermore being positioned as an alleged 'soft reboot'. This is especially confusing given that the Call of Duty 4 remaster released back in 2016 was titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Umm.

So while 2019's Call of Duty could apparently be a fourth Modern Warfare game, the title won't necessarily reflect that. Assuming that this latest leak is legitimate, of course. With E3 2019 looming large - it's only a couple of weeks away now - could we be seeing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare making its debut? Maybe. Watch this space.

Not long ago, a bunch of pro American Football players got to play the new Call of Duty, with an official reveal for Modern Warfare rumoured ahead of E3 on 30th May, according to sources.

[Via Eurogamer]

  • Imagine my shock. Well, they stopped trying long ago. Why don't they just go back to numbering them. Or better yet, just putting a date at the end of it. Call of Duty 2019 is slightly less retarded than poaching the title of one of the most beloved entries into the franchise.
  • I'm just finishing up call of duty modern warfare remastered and I have to say that it was enjoyable. Not because of Multiplayer which I didn't touch, not because of Zombies, which I'm not a fan of, but I thought the single player experience was pretty awesome. I know that this game will have a heavy amount of online play one way or another, so I think I will pass these games as i truely would just like to go back to the single player experience.
  • @ #2 -- Sorry if this is an idiot question, but does COD: MWR have a Zombie mode? I have Remastered for PS4 too and didn't come across it, but I haven't played it in a long time. Thought it was just the base game and you could get 4 extra maps as DLC. Anyway, I really enjoyed the COD: MWR ... I think it was one of the rare cases where a remaster was actually warranted. I love that it added MP against bots. It is fun and less stressful than playing against real people who cheat and troll, and you can ratchet up the difficulty if you want a challenge. You might want to try the MP vs. bots if you liked the campaign.
  • How infinitely dumb do they need to be to actually call it that? They really just can't think of a different word or just put another number on it?
  • I thought they had already said they were skipping the regular Call of Duty & releasing another Black Ops, this time, meaning no Campaign. Until this is actually confirmed, this is a joke. It could be a Placement Name so the Idiots didn't spill the beans, like this one just tired to do & now the can just jettison this leak.
  • @#6 That's for CoD 2020, not 2019. Pay Attention.
  • @6 LOL LOL Seems your not paying sttention
  • Call it 4 or even better do a Ghosts 2 with the honey badger.
  • Just make it Modern Warfare 4 and continue the story
  • Activision finally ran out of ideas.
  • And i thought call of duty ww2 was a confusing name(seriously, how many people thought it was called world at war 2 at first glance(and the last two modern warfare games using mw2/3 in the logo didn't help either))
  • @2 You must have got modern warfare mixed up with another cod because modern warfare remastered doesn’t have a zombies mode.
  • I'm sure the kids will still buy it. Nowt like playing cod online and getting abuse off kids whose voices haven't even broke.
  • What astounding innovation and genuine creativity! It's always great to see a developer that has become grossly familiar with a specific gameplay formula, always using the same or similar name to push what could essentially be an HD Remaster or big DLC, actually taking some creative risks in an attempt to make a unique and memorable experience; not just worrying about selling the highest quantity of product to please their bean counters! Much respect for not being bound and gagged to just make what is financially "safe", but instead doing something no one has seen before!
  • someone said it gonna have a new engine which is tickling my pickle.
  • @15 Someone said it gonna solve Rubik’s cube with it’s bare nipples.
  • They might as well just call every new CoD "Another Call of Duty".
  • I suppose its better than Call of Duty 16: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 4...but not by much.
  • @3 & @10 Yes, I know there are no Zombies in Modern Warfare Remastered. I was just highlighting the fact that I enjoyed the game without a zombie map in sight. That's all.
  • All Modern Warfare COD games didn't have zombies... it was SPEC OPS - something I wish they would bring back... instead of zombies as just like what #2 have said, am not a fan off... I think Cannibalx666x was probably talking about COD in general as these zombie modes have been included in all the games releases post MW-era. Just probably reiterating his dislike for zombies in a COD game that's supposed to be all about combat/warfare and not some post-apocalyptic zombie invasion. This is what I'll be looking out for. The mention of a Modern Warfare game excites me, I don't mind if it will have a BlackOut BR mode for as long as there are NO ZOMBIES mode especially if it's required a 4-payer coop... I hope they return the SP campaign and anything online can be done SOLO... ... only then I'll go back.
  • So all those jobs lost and the money saved was paid to hire someone who could come up with a new title for the next COD and this is what he/she could come up with
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