Armored Core V Stomping Into North America and Europe in 2012

Richard Walker

There's nothing quite like Armored Core's mechs. They're proper big lumps of steel that you can customise and build to your own specifications, with the limbs, torso, head and weapons of your choice. Do you construct a fearsome battle mech with tank tracks and rocket launchers for arms or do you go for something a bit swifter and more conservative, with legs, a jetpack and machine guns?

Armored Core V is hoping to revolutionise the series with more content, an entirely "new atmosphere" and a deep, robust online mode designed to focus upon large-scale team battles. While the scale of battles will be bigger, the mechs will actually be smaller this time around, shifting the gameplay to centre more on tactics and using the lie of the land, rather than simply standing toe-to-toe and hammering one another into oblivion.

Slated for release sometime in 2012, Armored Core V is to be published by Namco Bandai in Europe and North America as part of the publisher's newly-forged partnership with From Software, the dev team also hard at work on Dark Souls for 2011. Check out all 27 Armored Core V screens in the gallery and the announcement trailer. Clang!

  • I wish, but I assume it will be yet another disaster. Hmmm this is my first ever first post. :P
  • AC2 was good but not AC4 or AC4A both where crap in my opinion the controls where too fiddly i liked AC2 and AC3 for the simple control set-up thats what thay bring back
  • AC4 was good, this one is on my list!
  • bad ass... that is all. ac4 did not meet expectations. but 5 has got me pumped
  • I never played the next Gen AC games but I enjoyed for the most part the other entries. I would be really cool if they had a co-op style of gameplay for 2 or more players, or even if you could "hire" another human player to back you up on a tough mission (I know you were able to hire merc help in the pre-next gen versions, making it an online feature for sp missions would be cool). Also with Namco-Bandai as the publisher, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a good number of parts that represent Bandai's Gundams. Got high hopes.
  • Excellent post. Very well thought and is very informative. Do keep it up rs power leveling
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