There's a Big Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store This Weekend

There's a Big Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store This Weekend

Richard Walker

Finding yourself at a loose end this weekend? Don't despair, because there's a big Flash Sale now available on US PlayStation Store, offering some lovely discounts of up to 40% on a range of top PS4 titles including Devil May Cry 5, RIDE 3, GRIP, Battlefield V, and loads more.

You can peruse all of the US PlayStation Store Flash Sale Deals on the PlayStation Blog here, and have yourself a wonderful weekend. What's left of it.

  • You mean small flash sale.
  • These prices are the same as a few weeks ago when they had discounts. Battlefield V has always been $40 on sale.
  • who misses the days of the $1 flash sales? we'll never see them again unfortunately. and now we are getting cheap as hell free plus games it can only be downhill all the way.
  • only decent deal i see is heavy rain / 2 souls. wouldnt mind one piece, but waiting for black friday on that
  • You guys are 1 day late.
  • I picked up Guacamelee 2 >:D
  • @6 It will be on PS+.
  • Madden '19 should be fi-dollaz. No Train Sim World DLC sale? Asking for a friend.....
  • @6 That was the only game that I was interested in and nearly bought it. It very well could eventually be on PS+. @8 They never discount Madden much because they know that they don't have to.
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