Hitman 2s Sean Bean Elusive Target Returns This Week Alongside Miami Pack

Hitman 2's Sean Bean Elusive Target Returns This Week, Alongside Miami Pack

Richard Walker

Warner Bros. and IO Interactive have announced that Hitman 2's first Elusive Target will be returning later this week for an entire month, seeing Sean Bean reprising his role as former MI5 agent Mark Faba, a freelance assassin who now goes under the name 'The Undying', thanks to his uncanny ability to avoid death.

The Undying Elusive Target mission will be free from 3rd May until 3rd June, with the usual rules applying. You get one chance at taking out the target, and if you fail or the target gets away, there's no chance to retry it. Hopefully, if you've already tried the Elusive Contract previously, you can have another go, because I screwed it up royally the first time round.

Starting today, meanwhile, you can download the Hitman 2 Miami Pack for $11.99/£9.99, granting full access to the game's Miami sandbox location, complete with all of the missions, modes and content. Further content updates are also on the way to Hitman 2 later this May, including new Challenge Packs, Escalation Contracts, and the blue flamingo suit disguise for Agent 47.

For tips on what not to do in the Sean Bean Elusive Target mission, check out our Hitman 2 Let's Play video below.

  • Would rather a different Mr. Bean
  • £10 seems steep for 1 map. I can buy the whole game for £22 on amazon
  • Hmm redoing elusive target already?! Does that mean they’re done bringing in new ones...? I missed this one, so good on them, but I hope we won’t just start seeing a recycle of few they’ve had so far...
  • @3 really? This is The Undying RETURN elusice target. Not the first undying elusive target. It is a new target. Sean bean somehow survived the first time we killed him and ge is back. Smh
  • @ #4... Does this mean that Players who took him out the first time are getting a second chance, or is it for those who missed him originally? I ask because I was away from the PS4 for the first few months of Hitman 2 and I just put him down on this current E.Target. Will Players who iced him both times receive credit for two (2) separate hits? THX in advance for the help/info!
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