RAGE 2 Trailer Asks and Answers the Question: What is RAGE 2?

RAGE 2 Trailer Asks and Answers the Question: What is RAGE 2?

Richard Walker

Bethesda has released a new RAGE 2 trailer, giving you a primer on the game ahead of its impending release, offering assurance that you don't need to have played the first RAGE to enjoy this one.

Hammering the point home that RAGE 2 has a bit of everything, including vehicles you can drive or fly, loads of things you can shoot in the face, and a story that sees you playing as Walker, the brilliantly-named last remaining Ranger, the trailer showcases insane open-world gameplay galore.

Battling the Authority, mutants, and other baddies, you'll be able to wreak havoc across RAGE 2's vast wasteland when it launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 14th May 2019. You can find out all of the basics you need to know about RAGE 2 in the latest trailer below.

  • Rage 1 was a fun game. Got this one on pre order. Looks like a fun time..
  • @1, stop beating around the bush, did you like rage 1 or not?!
  • Rage 1 was mediocre at best, with some horrendously difficult mini-games that added nothing to the overall experience and the story ended with one of the biggest cop-outs in gaming history. Also don't forget that the game bombed horribly so the fact we're getting a sequel is mind boggling and makes little sense.
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