The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Collector's Packs Unveiled

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Collector's Packs Unveiled

Richard Walker

Skybound Games has unveiled three The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Collector's Pack bundles, available for pre-order from tomorrow until the end of May, or while stocks last. Each bundle contains all four seasons of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series, and a selection of exclusive digital and physical bonus items.

The cheapest bundle is the Protector Pack for $99.99 with a steelbook, Kenny's cap, a set of four nesting Clementine dolls, a t-shirt, Lee and Clem enamel pins, and a 9.5" disco broccoli plush, while the Guardian Pack and Signature Pack add a statue, art print, and more. The big kahuna is the $349.99 Signature Edition, limited to 100 pieces with an art print signed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

Here's a rundown of the three The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Collector's Packs, available for pre-order for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC from 19th April.

Protector Pack ($99.99) – Game content, digital bonuses, an Ericson School for Troubled Youth t-shirt, Clementine & Lee Enamel Pins, a Kenny Hat, Clementine Nesting Dolls, and a Disco Broccoli Plush.

Guardian Pack ($249.99) – Including all items from the Protector Pack in a box with gold stamped signatures from the Still Not Bitten team, plus a 10” Clementine & Lee Diorama, and a 18”x24” Art Print from comic book artist Eric Zawadzki.

Signature Pack ($349.99) – Including all items from both Guardian and Protector Packs in a signature stamped box, plus a signed Art Print from members of the Still Not Bitten team, voiceover actors and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Only 100 available!

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series wrapped up Clementine's saga with the launch of the very last episode in The Final Season's on 26th March. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Collector's Packs will be "coming soon".

  • my god, what a waste.
  • Since I haven't yet played the last two seasons (only 1 and 2) I don't understand the inclusion of the broccoli plush. Is this related to the game at all? Regardless this whole thing just seems like a big cash grab. But I suppose for the hardcore fans there is always a market.
  • Unless you're an absolute diehard fan of the series, I don't see that many people buying any of these collector's sets when you pick up the individual games for peanuts these days.
  • I will go for $250 one. I live series and Clementine and will miss her dearly. That statue will be nice tribute and reminder of things we’ve been through together for better or worse over the past few years...:-(
  • That's a whole lot of cent-priced items in the hundred dollar version. Paired with a couple of games you can get for 5-10 each bucks on a sale. For a franchise they have already milked to death and isn't that popular anymore?
  • Ill grab the 100$ one just to snag that steelbook....hell maybe new trophies???
  • The only item I'm remotely interested in is the hat
  • most of these items are trash included just to excuse the price
  • Over priced tat.
  • Hopefully new trophies and a digital SALE on PSN in the future. That steelbook will soon be sold cheap on eBay anyway... It would be great to see Season 2 have a platinum. I don't have any complaints about this. Skybound Games may want to have a return of investment for the money they spent saving the last season. Only those that are indeed die hard fans would buy this anyway... But dang, that statue is really impressive.
  • The $350 version is sold
  • Such a waste. Are they trying to cover employee severance packages? If you were a fan of the series you already own these games, no reason to buy again.
  • @11 Yea take that with a grain of salt. Wait till after launch to see real numbers. 99% of the time when a CE sells out before release roughly 90% of them are on eBay or other resale sites looking to make double or triple the cost in profits.
  • Also i just looked at it and thought why is there a 250 and a 350 when they are exactly the same. Turns out it's 100 extra just for some people to sign 1 copy and make 99 more reprints? That screams major rip off. I highly doubt they sat there and signed 100 separate copies.
  • The last two seasons were pretty lackluster.
  • Don't forget Robert Kirkman's roots - in comic books so it's no surprise that a "signed" copy cost more. This is normal in the comic book universe which caters to "rarities"...
  • would rather smell warm stinky farts!!!
  • Ironic the writer of TWD rakes the rights to finish off the game and then releases a overpriced collector's edition which isn't even worth it when as stated you can get the games for nothing. TWD as a TV show should have ended at season 4 the prison because season 5 and onwards has been nothing but a drag. I've stopped watching it at this current season but the game at season 2 was dull as dish water Carl Lee should have been the main character for the whole game not Clementine
  • @#18 exactly why playing through the games together with my girlfriend has been lacking lately, after finishing season 1. She is bored by a lack of Lee in the game. Also why the only thing I would like of these collector's edition is the Lee/Clementine statue.
  • Id like to update that OPs info is incorrect as i contacted skybound AFTER placing my order and none of these sets come with a steelbook case REPEAT NO STEELBOOK...thanks alot op i had my hopes up..
  • Regarding Steelbooks... there seems to be no appetite for them to be included in games now. GAME doesn't have them even on pre-orders and the CEs fir some reason. I think they've became too much of an added expense to a game and not a lot PRE-ORDER to get the "pull" they needed to recoup the cost.
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