LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Pushed Into March

Richard Walker

LucasArts and TT Games might have lost a few of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars' pieces, as they're taking an extra five weeks to build the game and get it all polished up, ready for release into the big wide world.

Originally slated for February 15th in North America and February 18th in Europe, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is now set to launch on March 22nd in North America, meaning that one might assume that the European date has also shifted to March 25th.

No specific reasoning was issued for the delay, but Joystiq (jokingly) speculates that it could be a consequence of building such an elaborate Flash-based website to accompany the game. They have a point, to be fair. Just look at it!

  • Damn! I forgot it was supposed to be released in February! I thought it was, like, November or something! O_O
  • I want a BATTLEFRONT 3.
  • @3 Same here
  • oh well I'll just have to wait a little longer before i am subject to hours upon painful hours of trying to cooperate with my little brothers -_-
  • I hope this extra time is for a good game without glitches!
  • Hopefully they fix all the glitches that likely plague it like Harry Potter. These games are so fun, but when glitches prevent you from continuing and completing it, it makes them really annoying. Sadly, I traded in Lego Harry Potter (which I wish I hadn't) because I was so pissed off with the glitches. I did finish it before, but didn't want to see it after that Platinum popped.
  • LEGO STAR WARS: The Complete Saga = Best Lego Game
  • @8 I totally agree with you sir :)
  • When will they make a lego game that is actually good? Lego Island in 1999 was the best.
  • @10 You're a moron. Yes, the past Lego games were fantastic, but every one of the modern Lego games has been fun, hilarious and entertaining. They may not be ground-breakingly innovative, but they're still fantastic to play, especially with a friend in co-op
  • Why push the date back? it sure as hell isn't for quality control, this game will be glitched up to the nut sack like all the other LEGO games, wise up and leave this on the shelf
  • yea whotlefr cont iares i need to save up for this. plus battlefront isn't made by telltalgames. But this will be a great lego. trust me
  • @10: Don't act like a prat! I didn't bother with Lego Batman or the Lego Harry Potter because of the Glitches :(. I just hope they don't mess this one up as well!
  • @13: None of the Lego games are made by Telltale either. Telltale makes episodic point and click adventure games. Traveller's Tales is who you meant.
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