RAGE 2 Will Address the Criticisms of Rage By Delivering "A Better Ending" - Interview

RAGE 2 Will Address the Criticisms of Rage By Delivering "A Better Ending" - Interview

Richard Walker

The first RAGE was a decent enough shooter before it just kind of ended without warning. That wingstick was good fun, as were those scuttling mechanical spider drones, and id Software did what it does best: really robust shooty-bangs. RAGE 2 is aiming to deliver this time, however, with a proper ending being just one thing it aims to get right.

With Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios taking the development reins this time around, RAGE 2 is leaning in to its open-world expertise and propensity for creating chaos within that framework, while id Software handles the gunslinging bits. It's a potential match made in heaven, and it's shaping up rather well, as our hands-on preview here attests.

Having given the game a play for a few hours, we had a chat with id Software Studio Director Tim Willits, quizzing him on all things RAGE-related, from the anarchy and havoc you'll be able to wreak, to the weapons, environments, and, yes, the ending. Check it out below. RAGE 2 is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 14th May 2019.

  • RAGE was a ton of fun. Fresh take on videogame post-apocalyptia, I thought. But yeah, only complaint I can muster up about it would be how it ended. The antagonist just never shows up... Not something you want in a story, lol.
  • As i remember it the game Didn't have an ending, it just seemed to stop unexpectedly.
  • I don't think they even need to address this complaint. Rage came out so long ago that nobody even remembers the ending, myself included. Still questioning why they didn't just name the game something else, Rage wasn't a super popular game with any kind of fanbase and again, it's been a significantly long time
  • @3: That's my thought as well. Rage 1 was ok but very forgettable, thus they would have been better off just making Rage 2 part of a different franchise and calling it something else.
  • There was zero point to the story in the first game. Like what was his point of coming out of the vault? To fix the world? Bethesda just shits on everything.
  • They completely failed. You kill General Cross and the ending is you getting told “Good Job!” No endgame cut scenes. No endgame, just free roam.
  • Still waiting on this better ending...
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