Your PlayStation Plus Games For March Include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Your PlayStation Plus Games For March Include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Richard Walker

Sony has revealed March's PlayStation Plus picks, headed up by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, the spruced-up version of the seminal 2007 FPS classic that many still consider to be the best entry in the Call of Duty series. There's even 4K support for the game if you're playing on PS4 Pro, so it looks really lovely.

If you prefer to give your grey matter more of a workout, beyond exercising your itchy trigger finger, then your second March PlayStation Plus title should fit the bill. The Witness will also be your to download with PS Plus, giving you the chance to get to grips with the game's myriad challenging puzzles from the mind of Braid creator Jonathan Blow.

March also marks the month that PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games are no longer offered as part of PlayStation Plus, but you'll still have until 8th March to get the last batch of titles, listed below:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness will be available for PS4 via PlayStation Plus from 5th March to 1st April 2019. There's also a range of PS Plus specials on offer in the sale until 5th March, including 40% off Yakuza Kiwami 2, and 50% off both Hollow Knight and Just Cause 4.

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  • Stoked for COD:MW and happy to see The Witness being given away even though I got the platinum a couple years ago. The Witness is a fantastic game, try playing it as far as you can without a guide. Also, I guess we're only getting 2 games now? People aren't going to be happy.
  • Picking up the cod remaster for sure. Thought about buying it for some time.
  • @1 I don't mind 2 games unless 1 is VR, then it really sucks for those of us who don't want VR.
  • I've already got COD 4 and I'm not a fan of puzzle games so will pass on the Witness, thus I'll be returning to my backlog again :(. Only getting 2 games is a major blow, because I thought we'd get 3 or 4 games with at least 1 being a VR title :(.
  • I'm a bit peeved by the drop in number of titles -- but I know that it won't amount to the amount of frustration that will be on display in the event of an increase in service cost. Major bummer though, as less titles per month means that it's more likely that I'd have months where I may have already previously purchased the title.
  • Own both, I've been on PS+ since day one and this is first time I have thought about not bothering to renew it, not worth it for just two games.
  • Got the version that came with AW and still haven't played that yet. Puzzle games are on the back of my list as well... At least I now don't have to pop in the AW disc to play MW. So it's 2 games per month plus that 100GB cloud storage upgrade... hope Sony will surprise us in the future for more perks in keeping a subscription.
  • Interesting. So are they going to starting giving away AAA PS4 games every month now as compensation for the PS3/Vita cut? Sucks that there will be no more Vita games, but my Vita backlog is so huge and I still have so many great titles to play that's it's no biggie. The Witness is the best puzzle game on PS4 that I've played. Enjoyed being stuck on it and finally beating the last puzzle all legit. And I was seeing the line/circle figures everywhere in real world while playing it. It messes with your head like that.
  • this will bite them in the ass there are still alot of poeple that have ps3s and the psvita community may be small (compered to 3ds) but we love this little machine first they increase the price of psplus and now they remove 4 titles from each month this will not end well
  • 2 games is not enough.
  • @10 Not enough for what?
  • @10 I am they give away NO games and just make you pay for using online, since everyone is so spoiled and ungrateful.
  • @10 For the price of PS+. Xbox still gives 4-8 games a month and now Sony dropped to 2 a month.
  • @#1 They announced this to be the case about a year ago. People have had more than enough time to come to grips with it. Besides, for one, as long as they continue to offer quality games consistently, I don't think many people will mind. I know I won't. It is also percieved that this is yet another sign that the PS5 is around the corner.
  • PlayStation git good and deliver more Plus games, about 4 per month if you are getting rid of last gen free games
  • Fuck Activision i wont even bother with mw for free
  • Witness is great. No interest in cod.
  • I thought that they might add in PSVR games in place of the departing PS3 and Vita titles, but it is disappointing to go from 6 down to 2 per month. Especially when some of the PS3 and/or Vita titles were cross-buy at times.
  • That's cool, I guess. I plat'd COD: MW Remastered and then traded it in but I always liked it so it'll be nice to be able to put it back in my library. Sucks they're only offering 2 games though. Hope that's just this month and not a trend.....
  • What's this I've heard about hackers online for MW RM that's it's plauged with them I am still going to play it I stopped playing cod at MW2
  • Waaahhh, no more games for free on consoles I play less. Compensate me, because I am entitled, with more free games. Then, when PS5 comes out, I want free games for that and PS2. There. Do I fit in with the rest of the cool kids!?
  • At first glance, i thought i saw 'Kickbeat.' I was about to say: 'Nooooooo. Make it STOP!!!' That game is hard AF. Guns of the Patriots is a great game. Too bad there wasn't one for the PS4. I think i should try to go back and get that I-pod trophy and Plat this, finally. PS3 still lives, baby.
  • Both games are great, i've waited long time these games from ps+
  • So they give us the cancer and a little medicine to cure it. Thanks!
  • We are worse off but £50 for 24 ps4 games plus bonuses is still really good.
  • Oryginal MW is one of the best COD games and I had a lot of fun playing it on ps3, The Witness is to my knowledge great puzzle game. For me March is decent... But 2 random games only for ps4 + online multiplayer? No... I mostly don’t cae about so called ‚free’ games since ps4 launch. So I’m paying for MP.
  • Now if only Activision can give out the Variety Map Pack for free, it would be fantastic, but I doubt it’ll ever happen.
  • Darn. Bought The Witness months ago in a sale and still haven't gotten to it.
  • I'm not complaining but it would be nice seeing that they're dropping 4 games if they did give us 1 of those smaller indie titles along with the 2 main games now.
  • @22 Kick Beat was free in Oct 2015
  • wow COD!
  • Even if Sony drop to 1 game, you sheeps will still sub for ps plus, Sony knows it! suckas!!!
  • @Comment #6 by ZACHSP8 I've saved an extra $98.49 on the added game discounts that ps+ has offered in just 2019 alone making it worth it for myself even if SONY didn't give us any games at all. I've only played online a handful of times since the PS4 has been out and is the only reason why I have PS+ for the added discounts, free DLCs and other goodies. @Comment #13 by Wolfwood How consist is these 8 games though? I don't ever remember getting 8 games in one month and I can almost guarantee if it has happened it hasn't been twice. Comment #14 by YunGFLASHyy The problem is that they originally said March 8, 2019 it would end. So, To be honest we should still get games seeing that we get the March 2019 PS+ titles on March 5, 2019 and that would mean that we had 3 days to download the games or put them in our download list. Comment #18 by vikebone I'm pretty sure if a game offers cross-buy on the PS4 version we will still get it for the other platforms. To be honest I hope they give us an extra indie every month because I miss getting indie games. Keep in mind that I realize that The Witness is an indie title I mean in terms of scale and that game could be considered triple A seeing the scale of the game has around 650 puzzles in the game.
  • @10 I truly agree they ending PS3 & Vita free games way too soon if you ask me, they could of just wait till PS5 comes out.
  • Let's get real, people. How many of you actually played every single game that each month offered? I know I haven't touched any of the PS3 games in years. Played only about 1/5 of all Vita games. There was a lot of indie trash and old games without trophies too. So if you take the 6 games we used to have and subtract the old/trash/no trophies/already played/don't-play-on-that-console-anymore games you realistically end up with 2-3 games a month that you have interest in. And then how many of those 2-3 games do you actually start playing, considering that a lot of us are busy with AAA titles and long term trophy hunts? As someone above mentioned, in the end it's £50 for 24 games a year = about £2 per game! + online + discounts + cloud storage. Stop comparing with what xbox is getting - they get even more old/trash games than PS+ did.
  • Great month foe. Already have the witness. A true matserpiece so good for everybody who havent played it yet. But will def pick up COD remastered. One of my fave games last gen. It was great. Ofcourse after the 2-3 games that came after that i got bored of COD and havent played since, but going back to the first modern warfare will be a great memory trip. And nice to see that theres no online. Just going through the campaign. Which i thought was really good. Ofcourse MP was good also but dont like MP trophies.
  • Got 1000/1000 With COD MW On Xbox360!!! So DEF gonne DL This One And Plat It On PS4 ( Yeah Cake Baby )
  • Honestly, seeing people complain that getting 24 games for £50 isn't a worthy deal might be the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time. The PlayStation community really is packed with so many ungrateful people.
  • Recent price increase, drop 2 games a month and give us extra cloud storage (which is something i don't really need currently, not sure about anyone else) Feel like we have been shafted here. Maybe give us 2/3 PS4 Games and a PSVR Title Or chuck PSNow in with the subscription price (even if they increase it a little)
  • @ Comment #38 by ForceGrip86 I think what the so called ungrateful people you are referring to are saying is.... for some time now all those who subscribed to ps+ they did so because of several factors. 1 - required to play online. (forced) 2 - 2 ps4 games, 2 ps3 games & 2 ps vita games every month. 3 - discounts for all subscribers. 4 - online save storage So sony decided to drop 4 of those incentives (the 4 games) to subscribe and still expect you to pay the same. now for arguments sake say netflix decided you cant have all the programmes/movies you subscribed to for years and they were now saying you can only have a handful of programmes and movies of their choice for the same price you paid for all the content, WOULD YOU just accept that and cough up the same monthly fee? NOPE you would voice your concerns. So why is it people speak up that Sony is expecting same fee for less content seen as being ungrateful? I personally think they should have continued with the ps3 and vita monthly games until the PS5 came out and then relaunched the PS+ were they could then drop the 2 machines. But they did what they did and they could at least taken the opportunity to add at least 1 PSVR game to the list per month and show some friggin support to that machine and their owners rather than 2-3 drip fed since the machine been launched.
  • @40 Read my comment #35 and answer the question - how many of those 6 monthly games did you actually play? PS3 and Vita games on PS+ have gotten quite bad over the past couple of years. Is it that much of a loss or are you just like quantity over quality? The 4 games they removed were PS3 and Vita games. PS3 and Vita have FREE ONLINE, so those owners can stop subscribing and still have online gaming. I have a subscription through 2022 and own all three consoles. I'm not angry or upset by this. PS3 and Vita had a long fruitful run on PS+, left a huge library collection and there's not much else to offer. If you NEED to play PS4 online then just suck it up and pay for it. Consider the monthly games, cloud storage and discounts as a bonus. If you're not happy about the price (which is reasonable) then perhaps you can't afford this and should reconsider your spending priorities.
  • The problem that may arise with just 2 titles is that the probability of a subscriber to be in a month where they either have both titles and/or they don't like the titles being offered... and this situation happening again the following month AND if luck isn't on your side - happening again on the third month (and so on) is high. It's true that there were titles (with or without trophies) that came in the mix BUT based on what we had in the past 12 months or so, the succeeding month or the month before that reciprocated the misses... plus the cross-buy PS4/Vita titles that seems to cover for that as well (stackable or just for cross-play). The bad months get compensated with good months and the chances of us getting bad months with the old set-up/perk is rarer. I would gladly accept the current status quo if ONLINE gaming would not be dependent (or forced) on a PS Plus subs, just like how it was back on the PS3. As for the future of the PS Plus subscription I'm confident that when the PS5 comes out we'll get back to having 4 games/mo with 2xPS4 +2x PS5 with the possibility of getting an extra PSVR game in the mix.
  • To claim that "getting 24 games for £50 IS a worthy deal" is kind of misleading. This is true if you do LIKE all 24 games for that year - then props to you for being very lucky... This would equate to winning the PS Plus lottery, it's a winning situation no doubt... But I don't think this will be true for the big majority of subscribers. It's going to be a game of chance where in you win some and lose some, of if you're really crapped out of luck - lose all. PS3/Vita games were like the "lucky dip", a consolation prize to cover for your previous loss.
  • I was thinking about picking up MW just for some mindless MP gameplay every once in awhile. Nice to get it for free. Never heard of The Witness.
  • The only way that the $50/£50/€50 = 24 games/month to be a worthy subscription is when Sony will GUARANTEE that at least one BIG AAA title will be offered each month along with an idie game. This month seems to be good if we're to consider this as a trend/benchmark... We get 6 or 7 BIG AAA titles within the whole 12 months MIGHT just make it worth while. Think having the Playstation exclusives added in the mix right there (Uncharted 4/God of War/TLOU etc) or other AAA cross platform titles... should compensate for the eventuality of bad months... Almost seems like a "loot box" now based on the chances (I'd put it at 40/60% good/bad probability) of us getting good games in the months to come.
  • @ Comment #41 by RRDude_PBB It doesn't matter if you play them all or none of them, when the ps+ was sold to the gamer it was for the entire package that was offered, if you want to amend the package you have to make it like for like or drop the price or at least give a reason why you think its still worth £50 per year despite offering much less. Sony just claim both the PS3 & PsVita are legacy machines well that's fair enough BUT the PSVR isn't and they should have added 1-2 games to ps+ for that machine as well. And to make it worse they made this call after just rising the price (UK) And why do you continuously belittling people that dont share what ideas you have? It seems every other post you make its to do so. If you're not happy about other peoples opinions then perhaps you should reconsider how you post your points with out belittling others. Opinions are like arseholes everybody got one. To use your term suck it up.
  • @46 Wow, calm down snowflake. I was actually having a civilized and respectful discussion about this subject without offending anyone. Sorry if you get triggered by rational thoughts and consider them "belittling". Sony gave a warning about the PS+ change A YEAR IN ADVANCE. Anyone who was unhappy about this had plenty of time to cancel the sub or think long and hard about whether they can afford it. Sony doesn't need compensate you jack shit. They're a corporation providing a service. They're free to change the price and conditions of this service as they please. If you have a problem with this then: a) Don't use the service, b) Directly let Sony know you're unhappy about this and keep your fingers crossed, c) Say "Meh, it's only £50 a year". My comment on affording stands - if you think something costs too much then it's out of your range and crying "Whaaa I wanna play games but it's too expensive! Lower the price for me!!!" is not the solution. Get a better paying job, win a lottery, rob a bank or just accept that you don't have the finances to support you gaming addiction. If you think paying £50 a year for online access + a bunch of games and other perks is a lot - THEN PERHAPS YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT AND SHOULD STOP WASTING MONEY ON GAMING, GET YOUR SPENDING PRIORITIES STRAIGHT AND STOP BEING AN ENTITLED CRYBABY.
  • @ Comment #47 by RRDude_PBB i think you just made my point your a prick who's main goal is to argue the toss and annoy everybody and anybody. have a good day annoying folk.
  • @48 It's *you're and *whose.
  • Both games are great. I suspect they won't often be this good and this is to make us slightly forget the reduction to two games. If I'm wrong I'll be happier with 2 good PS4 games than 6 average ones I likely will never play. However I do own both already, I should have known COD:MW was coming as it was just on sale for (probably) the first time and I jumped. Should know by now...
  • I'm not too worried about fewer games as long as those games are better quality. To be honest, the PS Plus games have been ordinary for years. I don't play most of those little indie random titles. I have so many retro pixel twin stick shooters in my library that I'll never ever play. There is zero chance I'll ever play and complete all six games in a month anyway. PS Plus' biggest issue will be how does it provide 24 PS4 games a year that aren't ancient, average, or unheard of without cannibalising current sales and avoiding giving consumers titles they already own. Especially if they look to beef up PS Now as a subscription service in answer to Microsoft's revised offering.
  • I was pumped when I seen that they release this game for free this month. This is the game that actually got me so intensely involved with Call of Duty. And the campaign / story that follows the modern warfare games is freaking Epic. I'd say that this game has one of the hardest trophies to obtain. Mile high club is freaking ridiculous. I got it way back in the day but I doubt I can get it again
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