Devil May Cry 5 Won't Be Getting Post-Launch DLC Beyond Bloody Palace

Devil May Cry 5 Won't Be Getting Post-Launch DLC Beyond Bloody Palace

Richard Walker

Capcom has confirmed that it has no post-launch plans in place for Devil May Cry 5, beyond the addition of a free update that will add the series' staple Bloody Palace mode, in which you'll once again face off against level after level of increasingly difficult challenges.

Producer Matt Walker confirmed that DMC 5 won't be getting any post-launch DLC stuff in a tweet responding to a question regarding future content for the game. This seems rather unusual, considering the fact that Devil May Cry 4 had all manner of bonus costumes, shortcuts, and Red Orb packages for purchase.

Indeed, even DmC: Devil May Cry had its own add-on chapter featuring Dante's nefarious sibling Vergil. Presumably, Capcom felt no need to extend Devil May Cry 5 with DLC episodes, although the game will apparently feature the option to pay for Red Orbs for upgrading your character. 30,000 Red Orbs can be yours for just playing the demo, though.

Devil May Cry 5 launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 8th March 2019.

  • That just indicates to me that it's a finished game, honestly. Good on 'em.
  • Right... Because games that release post launch DLC are not finished#1... What a flawed thinking, but you are entitled to your opinion, even if it’s wrong.
  • #2 you bought anthem didn't you
  • It's sad that we live in an age where developers have to make official statements to confirm they're not going to shaft players down the line by adding in scummy microtransactions or over-priced DLC that was hacked out to sell later :(. It should be a given that games are shipped in a complete state but thanks to companies like EA, Activision and Bethesda, modern games are just empty shells with price tags on everything that should have been there from the beginning :(.
  • I did #3 and I’m loving it. It is incredible game with I found freedom of movement. The last time game felt this fresh and new to me was when I got into my first Titan in Titanfall, at time it was something totally unique to me. The only downside is I have to wait for my buddy to come back from camp on Tuesday so we can play it together. None of which applies to this article sadly, but might as well praise BioWare before ppl who didn’t even play the game start slamming it...
  • @2 you obviously don't know what opinion actually means.
  • A view or judgement formed about something l, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge... His obviously wasn’t #6, but it doesn’t make my statement any less true. As you were, keep fighting the good fight.
  • @1 Exactly. Capcom has been on fire recently and that's just continuing into 2019.
  • @2: When AAA developers plan DLC schedules in advance, it often feels like that content could have easily been a part of the full game on release. Obviously some games and developers use DLC for its intended purpose of providing actual additional content rather than content cleaved off earlier. So, for them not to have any post-release DLC plans as of yet indicated to me that the game is releasing with all the content that they planned barring Bloody Palace, which is free. Thus, a finished game.
  • Hopefully, there unlockables costumes in game like DMC1 to DMC3. DMC4 not having any until DMC4:SE was annoying.
  • Your 8yr old brother shouldnt be playing dmc its mature content. No wonder this society is messed up.
  • Yeah, what the hell @ 8 year olds playing DMC.
  • #9 Some of them do sound like it sure. Hell I remember some even admitted or were caught cutting content to sell as dlc. But there are also many companies that make great post launch content like last AC entries, Bioshock Infinte or Witcher 3 to name a few. You shouldn’t just assume game isn’t finished because dev is working on more content for game you may enjoy, is all I’m trying to say..
  • @13: With the state of the AAA industry as of late, I assume guilty until proven innocent. There are a few developers and publishers I trust wholeheartedly, like CD Projekt Red, but the large majority I don't. Capcom has generally been on the upswing lately, but I was still somewhat wary of their practices with DMC considering the ability to buy Red Orbs with real money in 4 and 5.
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