PlanetSide Arena Will Launch on PS4 Alongside PC Version This Summer

PlanetSide Arena Will Launch on PS4 Alongside PC Version This Summer

Richard Walker

Daybreak has announced that PlanetSide Arena will be getting a simultaneous launch on PC and PlayStation 4 this summer, following the PC version being postponed. The developer is currently implementing improvements for the large-scale sci-fi shooter, based on feedback from a recent Closed Beta held on PC.

The latest entry in the PlanetSide series, Arena features "fast-paced, combined arms combat and massive-scale multiplayer modes", and is apparently the best way for players to experience the "epic gameplay" of the PlanetSide universe. In short, it's a colossal arena-based battle royale game for up to 500 players.

"We believe that delivering the most polished version of PlanetSide Arena that meets these expectations, on both platforms, outweighs any other consideration," Daybreak explains in an update on the game's official website. "Thank you all again for your amazing support. We’re very excited about the future and can’t wait see everyone back in the Arena!"

PlanetSide Arena arrives on PlayStation 4 and PC in summer 2019.

  • Whoopee, another battle royale game! It must be atleast a few hours since the last one came out.ffs.
  • The Battle Royale marketplace is super saturated right now so there's very little money left to be made for newcomers. Unless your game has some kind of USP that makes it stand out from the crowd, you will crash and burn within a matter of days or weeks and be left with a game that no-one really cares for and hardly plays.
  • A 500 person BR sounds like a terrible idea.
  • FUCK all you ppl. Your not true gamers. All you have is hate why don't you just go away and be happy we get games period. Also planetside is fun and having a 500+ playercount per game is awesome coming from a bf fan with 64 per match lol. But seriously your hating cuz it's another br game but none of them are similar dumabasses. Except pubg and h1z1. Theree like the same
  • And yes i have some mis-prints. My phone sucks
  • @4: I'm not hating on this game at all, just pointing out the simple fact you can't get blood out of a stone or money from thin air. If this game succeeds, then great but don't dismiss the idea that it might open big then fizzle out soon afterwards.
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