Devil May Cry 5 Interview: "I'd Love to Make Another Fighting Game," Says Hideaki Itsuno

Devil May Cry 5 Interview: "I'd Love to Make Another Fighting Game," Says Hideaki Itsuno

Richard Walker

We're all-in for Devil May Cry 5 this March, having enjoyed a good five hours with the game earlier this month, so we had plenty to talk about when we sat down with Game Director and games industry legend Hideaki Itsuno.

There's chatter about his eagerness to make a new fighting game having previously worked on the likes of Street Fighter Alpha, Rival Schools, and Darkstalkers, as well as his desire to get stuck in to work on Dragon's Dogma 2, and his trepidation when announcing Devil May Cry 5 following DmC.

To find out more about Devil May Cry 5, its neat online Cameo system, new character V, and more besides, check out our interview with Hideaki Itsuno below. Devil May Cry 5 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 8th March 2019, and you can give our hands-on impressions a read here.

  • I would love an ''Capcom vs. SNK 3'' or even just him taking over the SF series. I think Ono is no longer in charge of SF and SFV is dying ever since.
  • A new Rival Schools or Darkstalkers would be nice, lately Capcom's only fighting games have been Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom, which is more than likely why both series have gone stale.
  • @2 Agreed! A new Project Justice (Rival Schools) and Darkstalkers would really be great. I'm with @1 as well with a new CvS game. Hell at least make the previous ones HD with online. We do need a breath of fresh air with the fighting games from Capcom lately. It's time we got a new one that's not Street Fighter or MvC. Hell I would go for a new license like Tatsunoko vs Capcom. That game is very underrated and underappreciated.
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