Jump Force is Even Fun for Non-Shonen Jump Fans - Preview

Jump Force is Even Fun for Non-Shonen Jump Fans - Preview

Dean Abdou

Jump Force is exactly how it's been advertised. A massive fighting game chock full of anime characters from various different manga worlds smashed together, taking on one another in the most anime way imaginable. It’s as chaotic as a Dragon Ball Z battle scene, with fighters jumping all over the place, colours and lightning flying all over the shop and the environment getting wrecked to shit in the most absurd ways possible.

There’s a lot going on in Jump Force and we got to get our hands on the final build of the game to preview the versus mode where you’re pitted against either the CPU or other players. You can select three fighters for your team from a huge roster of characters including your own custom character, then you head into one of many variations of maps based around various worlds and let chaos ensue.


Even if you’re not a fan of the majority of Shonen Jump anime shows and comics that these characters originate from, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll still find it entertaining when you simply hit the heavy attack and find yourself somehow feeling like a skilled, all-powerful fighter. Hit it enough times and you’ll then start teleporting all over the map beating the shit out of your enemy in classic anime fashion. And that’s just with your standard heavy attack; there’s far more you can do if you’re feeling adventurous and/or if you’re a fan of certain characters and want to see more from them that’s a little more akin to their relevant shows.

Each fighter has a variety of special moves which you can access using R2/Right Trigger and you’ll find that each button has been mapped to something unique and iconic to the character you’re using. So Deku from My Hero Academia has special moves like the Detroit Smash and Delaware Smash straight out of the show/manga, whereas Yugi Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh! utilises Dark Magician to throw out most of his attacks. You’ll need to power yourself up to be able to use certain moves and when you hit the max level you’ll then be able to you use your devastating Awakening ability, which lets players go into their Ultimate Transformations and become even more deadly.

You’ll be able to unleash each of your Ultimate Transformation and Awakening abilities in a plethora of locations, all of which have a destructive effect that goes along with said destructive move. When you smash a foe to the ground, the concrete will just create a big ol’ crater akin to what you’d expect to see in an anime show itself. It’s as anime as anime can be in how your interactions with the environments unfold during the battles. The effects don’t stay permanently on the map, though, as after a few seconds these various bits of ground and concrete fade away so that you can rinse and repeat destructive moves.

As someone who only picks up the odd fighting game, Jump Force is something that is visually interesting and from this build, there was a lot of fun to be had with all of the flashy special moves. Even mashing the straight-up heavy attack button yields many a retina-scorching move, and for that reason, fight fans of every ilk are bound to get something out of Jump Force.

Jump Force is just over a week away now and will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out more of our thoughts on the final build in our latest gameplay preview below.

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